Title: DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What constitutes "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" and can people still commit this sin? Matthew 12:31-32; Did Jesus intentionally hide the truth from certain ones? Matthew 13:10-15; Did Jesus forbid us to withdraw from evil people in the church and command us to let him take care of them when he comes in judgment? Matthew 13:24-30; Is "made themselves eunuchs" to be taken literally (self-emasculation) or figuratively (celibacy)? If figuratively, are "born eunuchs" and "made eunuchs by men" also figurative? If not, why not? Matthew 19:12

Speaker(s): Roy Deaver

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Series: Denton Lectures
Event: 1995 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies In Matthew
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Year Recorded: 1995
Filed Under (Topics): Book: Matthew, Holy Spirit, Parables
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