Schertz Lectureship

Event Information:
Event: 10th Annual Schertz Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies in Ezekiel
Recorded: 11/2012
Directed by: Stan Stockton
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Introduction: Overview of the Book of Ezekiel by Stan Crowley
  2. Ezekiel 1-2: Vision and Calling of Ezekiel by Keith Mosher
  3. Ezekiel 3: Destiny and Judgment of Jerusalem by Stan Stockton
  4. Ezekiel 4-5: Signs of the Approaching Judgment by Ken Ratcliff
  5. Ezekiel 6-7: Messages of the Approaching Judgment by Devin Dean
  6. Ezekiel 8-9: Visions of the Approaching Judgment by Shawn Price
  7. Ezekiel 10-11: Visions of the Wheels and Cherubim, and Message Against the Twenty-five Wicked Rulers by Jason Rollo
  8. Ezekiel 12: Signs of Judahs Captivity by Billy Bland
  9. Ezekiel 13: Message Against The Prophets of Israel by Josh Romo
  10. Ezekiel 14-15: Message Against the Elders of Israel by Randy Robinson
  11. Ezekiel 16: Israels Ingratitude, Shame, and Punishment by Jason Hilburn
  12. Ezekiel 17: Humiliation and Exaltation of the Family of David by Timothy O'Banon
  13. Ezekiel 18-19: Retributive Justice of God, and Lamentation of the Family of David by Tommy Hicks
  14. Ezekiel 20: Past, Present, and Future of Israel by Mel Hutzler
  15. Ezekiel 21: Prophecy of the Burning Forest, and the Sword of the Lord by Dave Rogers
  16. Ezekiel 22: Sins of Jerusalem and Israel by Joey Davis
  17. Ezekiel 23: Aholah and Aholibah: The Harlots Samaria and Jerusalem by Dan Flournoy
  18. Ezekiel 24-25: Prediction of Jersuaelms Destruction, and Judgment Against Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia by Robert Sholl
  19. Ezekiel 26-28: Judgment Against Tyre and Sidon by Daniel Cates
  20. Ezekiel 29-30: Judgment Against Egypt by Michael Light
  21. Ezekiel 31-32: Fall of Asshur, and Lamentation Over Egypt by Tom Wacaster
  22. Ezekiel 33: Ezekiel Appointed as a Watchman by Cody Damron
  23. Ezekiel 34: Message to the Bad Shepherds, and Appointment of a New Shepherd by Gill Yoder
  24. Ezekiel 35-36: Judgment of Edom, and Restoration of Israel by Johnie Scaggs
  25. Ezekiel 37: Salvation of Israel by Bobby Liddell
  26. Ezekiel 38-39: Prophecies Concerning God and Magog, and Their Destruction by Wesley Simons
  27. Ezekiel 40-42: The New Temple by Ronnie Hayes
  28. Ezekiel 43-46: The New Worship by Burt Jones
  29. Ezekiel Chap. 47-48: The New Land by Don Walker
  30. Answering False Doctrines Relating to Ezekiel by Robert Taylor
  31. Concluding Remarks of the Book of Ezekiel by BJ Clarke