BCS Men's Development Conference

Event Information:
Event: 4th Annual Men's Development Conference
Theme/Title: Wait on the Lord
Recorded: 6/2020
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. "Delivered by the Determinate Counsel of God" (Acts 2:23; 4:28) by Ronnie Hayes
  2. "The Only Begotten Son Declaring the Father" (John 1:18; 17:26) by Brant Stubblefield
  3. "Declaring God in a Society of Ignorant Worship" (Acts 17:23; John 4:22) by Jason Rollo
  4. "Declaring the Established Evidences of God" (Hebrews 11:1; Romans 1:20) by Michael Bonner
  5. "Declaring the Whole Counsel of God from Beginning to End" (Acts 20:27; Isaiah 46:10) by Kerry Clark
  6. "Declaring the Immutability of His Counsel" (Hebrews 6:17; Isaiah 48:5) by Eric Garner
  7. "The Power of Declaration in the Resurrection" (Romans 1:3; Acts 17:31) by Terrance Brownlow-Dindy
  8. "Declaring the Righteousness of God" (Romans 3:26; Philippians 3:9) by Melvin Bryant
  9. "The Declaration of the Things We Believe" (Luke 1:1; John 20:31) by Omari French
  10. Fundamentals: Bible Basics - Introduction to Law by Omari French
  11. Word Studies: Conversion by Israel Rodriguez
  12. Apologetics: The Eternality of God by Rick Popejoy
  13. Critical Thinking: What Does It Mean to Think Critically? by John Hall
  14. Applied Theology: What Does The Bible Say About Suicide & Bullying by Various
  15. Ethics: What Is Ethics And Why Does It Matter? by Cody Westbrook
  16. Fundamentals: Bible Basics - Introduction to The History by Tom Moore
  17. Word Studies: Propitiation by Joe Caesar
  18. Apologetics: The Immutability of God by Ronnie Hayes
  19. Critical Thinking: Jesus' Use of Questions to Teach by Michael Bonner
  20. Applied Theology: Addictions: Internet, Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco by Various
  21. Ethics: The Doctrine of Mental Reservation by Israel Rodriguez
  22. Fundamentals: Bible Basics - Introduction to the Poetry by Ronnie Scherffius
  23. Word Studies: Sanctification by Brant Stubblefield
  24. Apologetics: The Omnipotence of God by Michael Bonner
  25. Critical Thinking: Technology and Critical Thinking Skills by Denny Wilson
  26. Applied Theology: The "Hook-Up" Culture by Various
  27. Ethics: The Doctrine of Moral Obligation by Michael Light
  28. Fundamentals: Bible Basics - Introduction to the Prophecy by Bryan Braswell
  29. Word Studies: Sin by Cody Westbrook
  30. Apologetics: The Omniscience of God by John Hall
  31. Critical Thinking: The Best Tools For Teaching Critical Thinking by Michael Light
  32. Applied Theology: What To Do In A Rebellious Generation? by Various
  33. Ethics: Christian Ethics Are Absolute by Michael Light