Power Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1995 Power Lectures
Theme/Title: The Major Prophets
Recorded: 7/1995
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Introduction to Isaiah by Keith Mosher
  2. Major Lessons From Isaiah by BJ Clarke
  3. Introduction To Jeremiah by Glenn Jobe
  4. Major Lessons From Jeremiah by Garland Elkins
  5. Introduction To Lamentations And Major Lesson by Barry Gilreath
  6. Introduction To Daniel by Edwin Jones
  7. Major Lessons From Daniel by Roger Jackson
  8. Introduction To Ezekiel by Dave Miller
  9. Major Lessons From Ezekiel by Gary Summers
  10. The Captivity In The Major Prophets by Dub McClish
  11. The Virgin Birth Of Christ by Winfred Clark
  12. Christ The Light Of The World by Maxie Boren
  13. Christ The Branch by Billy Bland
  14. Christ, King And Cornerstone by Paul Sain
  15. Christ, The Revelation Of God's Glory by Brian Giselbach
  16. Christ, Chosen Servant Of The Gentiles by Kevin Moore
  17. Christ, Comforter Of All Who Mourn by Glenn Colley
  18. The Major Prophets VS Premillennialism by Robert Taylor
  19. Christ, The Bearer Of Our Inquities by Wendell Winkler
  20. Christ, The Mediator Of The Better Covenant by Winfred Claiborn
  21. False Prophecy Loved By People by Bobby Liddell
  22. Former Prophets Precursors To Major Prophets by Mike Vestal
  23. Courageous Preaching Of The Prophets by Ted Clarke
  24. Woe Unto The Foolish Prophets by Kent Bailey
  25. Woe Unto Pastors That Destroy And Scatter Sheep by David Jones
  26. Predictive Prophecy In The Major Prophets by Robert Taylor
  27. The Anger Of God In The Major Prophets by Thomas Eaves
  28. The Mercy Of God In The Major Prophets by Earl Edwards
  29. Ah - Sinful Nation Laden With Iniquity by Kevin Beard
  30. Woe Unto Them That Follow Strong Drink by Rod Rutherford
  31. Woe Unto Them That Are Wise In Their Own Eyes by Gary McDade
  32. Woe Unto Him That Striveth With His Maker by Barry Gilreath
  33. Women In The Major Prophets by Terry Joe Kee
  34. The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel - Fact Or Fiction by Curtis A. Cates
  35. Earth, Hear The Word Of The Lord by Jim Dearman
  36. Righteous Remnant - Few There Be That Find It by Tom Holland