Houston College of the Bible Lectures

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Event: 1997 HCB Lectures
Theme/Title: Premillennialism
Recorded: 0/1997
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. A Study Of Matthew 24 by David Brown
  2. What Does The Bible Teach Regarding The Judgment? by Ira Y. Rice
  3. What Does The Bible Teach Concerning Tribulation? by Barry Hatcher
  4. Is The Doctrine Of Premillennialism Fatal Error? by Andy McClish
  5. What Does The Bible Teach Regarding The Church And The Kingdom? by Bob Berard
  6. II Peter 3 And Christ's Second Coming by Roddy Covington
  7. What Is The Day Of The Lord Of Joel 2? by Carl Garner
  8. What Is The First Resurrection? by Lynn Parker
  9. What Does The Bible Teach Concerning Christ's Mission? by Billy Bland
  10. What Does The Bible Teach Concerning The Rapture? by Don Walker
  11. What Is The Millennialism by Bob Sweeten
  12. What Is The Battle Of Armageddon? by Tyler Young
  13. The Basic Message Of The Book Of Revelation by Oran Rhodes
  14. What Does The Bible Teach Concerning The Resurrection? by Pat McIntosh
  15. A Study Of Jehovah's Witnesses And Premillennialism by Michael Hatcher
  16. Is Premillennialism A System Of Infidelity? by Frank Chesser
  17. What Is The 1,000 Year Reign Of Revelation 20? by Eddie Whitten
  18. What Is The Binding Of Satan? by Noah Hackworth
  19. A Study Of Prophecies Of The Kingdom Of God by Tommy Hicks
  20. Who Are The Man Of Sin And The Anti-Christ? by Mark Lewis
  21. Examining Certain Dispensationalist Preachers / Doctrines by Lindell Mitchell
  22. Has God Kept The Land Promise That He Made Israel? by Tom L. Bright
  23. What Is The Meaning Of The Last Days by Lester Kamp
  24. A Study Of Armstrongism In Light Of The Bible by Michael Light
  25. What Is Anglo-Israelism? by Tim Ayers
  26. What Does The Phrase When The Books Are Open Mean? by Royce Williamson
  27. Passages From I & II Thessalonians By Premillennialists by Tom Wacaster
  28. Passages From Daniel Misused By Premillennialists by Curtis A. Cates
  29. What Does The Bible Teach About About Second Coming Of Christ? by Dub McClish