Denton Lectures

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Event: 1983 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies in Hebrews
Recorded: 0/1983
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Introduction to Hebrews by Tommy Hicks
  2. God Hath Spoken The Living Word by Dub McClish
  3. The Cleansing Blood of Christ by Avon Malone
  4. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What Does it Mean to Sin "Wilfully?" Hebrews 10:26; What is the Lord's "Chastening," and Does He Still do it? Hebrews 12:5-11; Whose Repentance is Referred to -- Esau's or Isaac's? Hebrews 12:17; What is Meant by "Church of the Firstborn?" Hebrews 12:23 by T.B. Crews
  5. Where The Scriptures Are Silent We Must Be Silent by Goebel Music
  6. Let Us Provoke Unto Love And Good Works by Charles Williams
  7. Spiritual Maturity by Ira Y. Rice
  8. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What are the "First Principles," Jewish or Christian? Hebrews 6:1-3; "Impossible to Renew" Apostates Hebrews 6:4-8 by Gary Workman
  9. The Greek Text, Translation by Troy Cummings
  10. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Who Wrote Hebrews? Define "These Last Days" (KJV), "The End of These Days" (ASV) as to Beginning and Duration Hebrews 1:2; Do Christians Have Personal "Guardian Angels?" Hebrews 1:14; Is "A Little Lower Than the Angels" a Reference to Christ in Psalms 8:4-6 from which it is Quoted or to Man in General? Hebrews 2:6-8 by Carl Garner
  11. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Premillennialism Hebrews 2:5, 8; 10:37; 12:28 by Jerry Moffitt
  12. The Christian's Concern For Others by Norman Gipson
  13. The Heroes Of Faith by Hugo McCord
  14. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Is "Sanctification" A "Second Blessing" Necessary To The Christian? [2:11; 12:14; 13:12]; Is The Sabbath Law Still Binding? [4:9]; Is Salvation By Faith Only? [10:38 - 11:4]; The Morman Priesthood [7:11-17] by Frank Morgan
  15. The True Tabernacle Which The Lord Pitched by Hugh Fulford
  16. Every House Is Built By Someone by Robert Taylor
  17. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: How Was Jesus "Made Perfect?" Does This Imply Imperfection Before His Death? Hebrews 2:10; Jesus Was Tempted, Yet God Cannot be Tempted in James 1:13. Does this Mean that Jesus is Not Truly God? Hebrews 2:18; 4:15; Is There a Real or Only an Apparent Distinction Between the "Soul" and "Spirit" of Man? Hebrews 4:12; What Prayer of Jesus is Referred to -- to Escape the Cross, to be Raised up or Some Other? Hebrews 5:7 by Roy Lanier
  18. Make All Things According To The Pattern by Bill Jackson
  19. The Certification Of The Gospel by Wendell Winkler
  20. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Why is the Golden Altar in the Holy of Holies? Hebrews 9:3-4; How Does the Blood of Christ Redeem the Transgressions under the First Covenant? Hebrews 9:15; What is "The Roll of the Book?" Hebrews 10:7; What is "The Day Drawing Nigh?" Hebrews 10:25 by John Waddy
  21. The Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken by Bobby Duncan
  22. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Jesus was Merely Human, a Creature (Hebrews 2:6-9; Baptism May be Administered by Sprinking (Hebrews 10:22); "All" Marriages Includes Adulterous and Homosexual Marriages (Hebrews 13:4) by James Meadows
  23. Refuse Not Him That Speaketh by Tom L. Bright
  24. Be Not Carried Away By Divers And Strange Teachings by Garland Elkins
  25. He Taketh Away The First That He May Establish The Second by J. Noel Meredith
  26. The Greek Test, Translations by Troy Cummings
  27. The Appointed Judgment by B.B. James
  28. Lest Happily We Drift Away by Larry Fluitt
  29. After The Order Of Melchizedek by Winfred Clark
  30. But We Behold Jesus by Johnny Ramsey
  31. The Letter To The Hebrews - A Survey by Roy Deaver