Denton Lectures

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Event: 1998 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
Recorded: 0/1998
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Books Of I, II Peter And Jude - An Introduction by James Gravelle
  2. The Christian And Persecution by Dub McClish
  3. Watchfulness Concerning The Devil; Closing Comments by David Watson
  4. Unholy Men And Their Destiny by Daniel Denham
  5. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: How could angels sin unless temptation and sin were able to invade Heaven? II Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; Will the earth and its works be "burned up" or "discovered"? II Pet. 3:10; How is the close parallel between some of Peter's and some of Jude's words explained? II Peter 2:1-16; Jude 1:4-11; Where and when did Enoch prophesy, and does Jude's statement show that he borrowed from the apocryphal Book of Enoch? Jude 1:14-15 by Michael Hatcher
  6. Warning About False Teachers by Lester Kamp
  7. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Does the Holy Spirit directly operate on the hearts of people to sanctify them? I Peter 1:2; Will God so guard the Christian that he cannot be lost? I Pet. 1:5; Are some persons "appointed" (elected, predestined) to disobey God and be lost and others to be God's people? I Pet. 2:8-9; Does God call people to Him by a direct operation of the Holy Spirit in which he has an experience of irresistible grace? I Peter 2:9; 5:10 by James Meadows
  8. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Is the "kiss of love" a permanent obligation or a cultural option? II Peter 5:14; In what sense and manner, and when, do saints become "partakers of the divine nature"? II Peter 1:4; Can a Christian reach a spiritual plateau at which he will no longer sin? II Peter 1:10b; How can the "word of prophecy" be "made more sure," what is "the day" that is to "dawn," and to what or to whom does "the day-star" refer? II Peter 1:19 by Tim Nichols
  9. Dealing With Persecution; Salvation And Baptism by Raymond Haygood
  10. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: When, how, and where did Christ preach to the "spirits in prison," and who are these "spirits"? I Peter 3:19-20a; How does suffering in the flesh cause one to "cease from sin"? I Peter 4:1a; How and by whom was the gospel preached to the dead? I Peter 4:6; What is the "end of all things" that was "at hand" when Peter wrote? I Peter 4:7 by Marvin Weir
  11. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Could God still be giving additional revelation now, since He gave some (namely, 1, 2, and 3 John, Revelation) after Peter and Jude said that "all" had been given? II Peter 1:3; Jude 3; Can the ordinary person read and understand the Bible, or must there be a professional "clergyman" to interpret it for him? II Peter 1:20; Does the "day of the Lord" refer to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70? II Peter 3:10; Will God guard us from stumbling so that we cannot be lost at last? Jude 24 by Jesse Whitlock
  12. DISCUSSION FORUM: Will the Wicked Really Be Punished with Eternal Fire? by Daniel Denham
  13. Redemption From Sin Through Christ's Blood by Bob Berard
  14. The Lord's Coming And Its Accompaniments by David Brown
  15. Exhortation To Live Above The Lust Of The Flesh by Noah Hackworth
  16. Wife And Husband Duties; General Tenderness Urged by Gary Colley
  17. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Are women forbidden to braid their hair or wear jewelry? I Peter 3:3; Do teaching that wives should be in subjection to their husbands and referring to women as "weaker vessels" imply female inferiority? I Peter 3:5-7; Do those who have died in disobedience to God have a second chance to obey Christ in Hades? I Peter 3:19-20; 4:6; Must elders lead only by their good example, or do they have actual authority in their local congregations? I Peter 5:3 by Tommy Hicks
  18. Answers To Skepticism Concerning The Second Coming by Garland Elkins
  19. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does Deity Strengthen the Christian in Some "Supra-literary," Direct Way? by Curtis A. Cates
  20. Contend Earnestly For The Faith by Lindell Mitchell
  21. Exhortation To Elders And Others by Robert Taylor
  22. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What is the "sprinkling of the blood of Christ"? Is this a reference to baptism? I Pet. 1:2; How are Christians guarded "by the power of God"? (1 Pet. 1:5; In what sense was the sacrifice of Christ "foreknown ... before the foundation of the world?" I Peter 1:19-20; In what sense will the ungodly glorify God "in the day of visitation" due to our good works? I Peter 2:12 by BJ Clarke
  23. Salutation And The "Christian Graces" by Eddie Parrish
  24. How To Face Fiery Trials by Richard Massey
  25. Subjection To Rulers And Matters Enjoyed by Tim Ayers
  26. DISCUSSION FORUM: The Nature Of Biblical Inspiration by Joseph Meador
  27. The Need For Reminders And The Source Of Scriptures by Bobby Liddell
  28. The Requirement Of Holiness In An Unholy World by Gary Summers
  29. Christ, The Chief Cornerstone And Our Foundation by Robert Dodson
  30. Descriptions Of The Ungodly And Exhortations To Faithful by Ted Clarke
  31. God's Great Mercy And Our Living Hope by Gene Burgett
  32. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Whose sins are covered by love (ours or those of another), and who does the covering (God or he who loves his brother)? I Peter 4:8; cf. James 5:20; What is the "judgment" that is to "begin at the house of God," and why does it begin with them? I Peter 4:17a; What is the meaning of the righteous being "scarcely saved," and how is this harmonized with an entrance into Heaven that will be "richly supplied" to faithful saints? I Peter 4:18; II Peter 1:11; To what does the promised perfecting, establishing, and strengthening refer, and how and when would God accomplish these? I Peter 5:10 by Don Walker
  33. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does God Really Hear And Answer Prayer? by Terry Hightower
  34. The Hoax Of Premillennial Theology by Don Tarbet
  35. The Books Of I, II Peter And Jude - A Summary by Darrell Conley