Gulf Coast Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1998 Gulf Coast Lectures
Theme/Title: Prayer and Providence
Recorded: 5/1998
Directed by: H.D. Simmons
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Unanswered Prayer by Johnny Morris
  2. Providence: Man's Part and God's Part by H.D. Simmons
  3. Prayer For Wisdom - No Direct Operation by Michael Light
  4. Casual Questions People Ask Regarding Prayer by Terry Hightower
  5. Is There A Direct Operation of the Spirit in Scriptural Prayer? by Tyler Young
  6. Define Words: Prayer and Providence With Implications For Doctrine by Cornelius Abbott
  7. Why Worry When You Can Pray? by Shan Jackson
  8. Spiritual and Material Blessings by Tommy Hicks
  9. Answers To Prayers Versus Seism by Jerry Moffitt
  10. Why Some Children of Christian Parents Go Astray by Bennie Whitehead
  11. A Study of the Prayers of Jesus by Kevin Hahn
  12. Essentials in Prayer by Joe Cox
  13. Difference in Prayers and Miracles by Ben Moseley
  14. The Power of Prayer in Your Life by Dub McClish
  15. Abuses in Prayer by Jerry Moffitt
  16. For What May We Pray? by Mark McElvany
  17. Practical Categories and Ideas in a Prayer by Gus Eoff
  18. Thy Will Be Done in Prayer by Rick Brumback
  19. Watching and Deliverance and Prayer by Tommy Hicks
  20. You Can't Get Salvation By Prayer by Eugene Greer
  21. All My Best Thoughts On Prayer by John Lewis
  22. All My Best Thoughts On Prayer by Bill Lockwood
  23. Weightier Matters in Prayer (Righteousness, Faith, Etc.) by Bob Sweeten
  24. Fathership of God, Mediation of Christ, Intercession of Holy Spirit in Prayer by Robert Johnson
  25. Providence and Romans 8:28 by George Pledger
  26. Refutation of Deism and Subtle Deistic Notions by Eddie Parrish
  27. Encouragement to Pray From Philippians 4:4-6 and I Peter 5:6-7 by Don Walker
  28. Encouragement to Pray from Matthew 7:7-11 by Gary Colley