Focal Point

Event Information:
Event: 2015 Focal Point
Theme/Title: Preacher's Workshop
Recorded: 5/2015
Directed by: Wayne Jones
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. A Word Fitly Spoken by Keith Kasarjian
  2. He Who Gives Strength and Power to His People by Jason Jackson
  3. A Word Fitly Spoken: I'm Not Afraid by Eddie Parrish
  4. Stronger: When We Don't See Color by Todd Crayton
  5. Mornings in the Mountain: Seeing the Glory of Christ by David Jones
  6. The Art of Preaching (1) by Jay Lockhart
  7. The Art of Preaching (2) by Jay Lockhart
  8. The Minister's Prespectives by Jason Jackson, John Moore
  9. Getting Serious About Ministry at Home by Jason Jackson
  10. Embraced by the Empire: Constantine's Role in Church History by Rick Brumback
  11. Living a Disciplined Life by Eddie Parrish
  12. A Word Fitly Spoken: I'm Waiting for Marriage by Michael Bonner
  13. Stronger: When We Remove All Idols by Wes McAdams
  14. Mornings in the Mountain: Hearing the Words of Christ by Todd Crayton
  15. Getting a Grip on Your Time (1) by Allen Webster
  16. Getting a Grip on Your Time (2) by Allen Webster
  17. The Minister's Perspectives by Jay Lockhart, Mike Vestal
  18. Getting Serious About Ministry Around the World by Keith Kasarjian
  19. One Week Each December: How I Plan a Year's Worth of Sermons by Eddie Parrish
  20. Isaiah 53: The Gospel of the Old Testament by Mike Vestal
  21. A Word Fitly Spoken: Im Sorry by Chris McCurley
  22. Stronger: When We Function as a Family by Eric Owens
  23. Mornings in the Mountain: Loving the Cross of Christ by Keith Kasarjian
  24. What Job Teaches Us About Man by Daniel Cates
  25. A Dozen Great Books on Preaching (Besides the Bible) that All Preachers Sould Digest by Mike Vestal
  26. The Minister's Perspectives by Rick Brumback
  27. Getting Serious About Ministry in the Local Church by Mike Vestal
  28. What Job Teaches Us About God, Satan, and Angels by Daniel Cates
  29. Where You Go, I Go: A Lesson in Loyalty by Chris McCurley
  30. A Word Fitly Spoken: I'm Just Passing Through by David Jones
  31. Stronger: When We Confess Our Faults by Dan Winkler
  32. Mornings in the Mountain: Anticipating the Return of Christ by Sam Willcut
  33. When Mountains Won't Move: Overcoming Discouragment in Ministry by Dan Winkler
  34. The Preacher's Wife: Invaluable but Often Not Apprecaited by Eric Owens
  35. Now Abides Faith, Hope, and Love: But the Greatest of these is Love by Dan Winkler
  36. My One Piece of Advice to Today's Preachers by Various
  37. YOUTH: Gossip: A Destructive Froce Among God's Youth by Sam Willcut
  38. YOUTH: Five Things All Young People Need to Know by Todd Crayton
  39. YOUTH: Friends for Life: Building Lasting Relationships Among God's Youth by Mike Vestal
  40. YOUTH WORKERS: Cultivating Trust Between Youth and Youth Ministers by Wes McAdams
  41. YOUTH WORKERS: Dealing with Inconsistency, Immaturity, and Laziness in Christian Teens by Michael Bonner
  42. YOUTH WORKERS: Teaching Teens About True Happiness by Eric Owens
  43. ELDERS: Shepherds as Counselors by John Moore
  44. ELDERS: The Elder and the Preacher: Allies Not Adversaries by Carl McCann
  45. ELDERS: The Authority of Elders: Uses and Abuses by David Jones
  46. LADIES: Leaving a Legacy: What One Grandmother is Doing by Rita Mutschlechner
  47. LADIES: The Preacher's Wife: Your Own Study, Prayer, and Meditation by Lieh Brumback
  48. LADIES: Staying Positive in a World of Negativity by Carla Moore
  49. LADIES: Navigating the Changes in a Preacher's Family by Carla Moore
  50. LADIES: The Preacher's Wife: When Too Much is Expected of You by Rose Crayton
  51. LADIES: Stop Putting Them to Sleep: Creativity in the Classroom by Kathy Jones
  52. LADIES: The Power of a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Rose Crayton
  53. LADIES: The Preacher's Wife: Protecting Your Husband by Kathy Jones
  54. LADIES: Godly Women in a Culture of Feminism by Kathy Jones