Focal Point

Event Information:
Event: 2019 Focal Point
Theme/Title: Preacher's Workshop
Recorded: 5/2019
Directed by: Wayne Jones
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Rightly Dividing Truth: Passages that can be Misunderstood by Justin Guess
  2. Without Hands by Ronnie Scherffius
  3. Increasing Our Effectiveness by Wade Webster
  4. Without Blood by Brad McNutt
  5. Our Love for God by Hiram Kemp
  6. Intertestamental Period by Eddie Parrish
  7. Peace, Peace, Perfect Peace by Bill Burk
  8. Without Faith by Eric Owens
  9. Bigger than His Body by Daniel Cates
  10. Without Grace by Dan Winkler
  11. Sunrise Scriptures: Revelation 22:16 by Clay Bond
  12. Majoring in Ministry: Lessons from Timothy and Titus (1) by Eddie Parrish
  13. Majoring in Ministry: Lessons from Timothy and Titus (2) by Eddie Parrish
  14. Ethical Exhortations: Love and Hospitality (Hebrews 13:1-3) by Andy Baker
  15. Alone with Jesus: That They All May Be One by Cody Westbrook
  16. If I Could Only Preach Once by Wade Webster
  17. Investments: Developing an Effective Interneship Program by Joey Davis
  18. Sunrise Scriptures: Lamentations 3:23 by Justin Guess
  19. The Preacher and His Relationships by Tim Burroughs
  20. The Preacher and His Personal Life by Tim Burroughs
  21. Ethical Exhortations: Marriage (Hebrews 13:4) by Eric Owens
  22. Alone with Jesus: A New Commandment by Shawn Montandon
  23. Preaching with a Limp by Bill Burk
  24. The Subjection of Satan by Eric Owens
  25. Sunrise Scriptures: Matthew 28:1 by Robert Hatfield
  26. Be Yourself: No More Frankensermons by Mike Vestal
  27. A Bride that Turns Heads: Promoting a Positive Brotherhood by Brad McNutt
  28. Ethical Exhortations: Contentment (Hebrews 13:5-6) by Robert Hatfield
  29. Alone with Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life by John Moore
  30. Ministering through Grief by Joey Davis
  31. Preaching's Forgotten Resource by Mike Vestal
  32. Sunrise Scriptures: Psalm 130:6 by Hiram Kemp
  33. A Message for the Radical Right by Dan Winkler
  34. A Message for the Culturally Connected by Dan Winkler
  35. A Message for the Liberal Left by Dan Winkler
  36. YOUTH: Be Not Deceived by Steve Lloyd
  37. YOUTH: Values of Valor: Honesty by Brad McNutt
  38. YOUTH: Values of Valor: Selflessness by Bill Burk
  39. YOUTH: Seeing the Savior: Lessons from Luke by Mike Vestal
  40. YOUTH: Tackling the Text: Romans 12:17-21 by Robert Hatfield
  41. YOUTH: Tackling the Text: 1 Timothy 3:16 by Andy Baker
  42. YOUTH: Values of Valor: Submission by Hiram Kemp
  43. YOUTH: Developing a Heart for Leadership by Logan Summers
  44. YOUTH: Tackling the Text: James 1:13-15 by Eric Owens
  45. ELDERS: Pondering the Presbytery: Should a Preacher Serve as an Elder? by Ronnie Scherffius
  46. ELDERS: Pondering the Presbytery: What if an Elder Sins? by Wade Webster
  47. ELDERS: Pondering the Presbytery: Lords or Examples? by Andy Baker
  48. ELDERS: Cultivating Trust: Being a Followable Shepherd by Donnie Bates
  49. ELDERS: Elders, Love the Lord's Flock by Donnie Bates
  50. ELDERS: Engaging and Enlisting Future Leaders by Mike Vestal
  51. BREAKOUT: Digging Deeper: The Prophets of Old (1) by David Jones
  52. BREAKOUT: Oversight without Overseers: What to do in a Church without Elders by Justin Guess
  53. BREAKOUT: Digging Deeper: The Prophets of Old (2) by David Jones
  54. BREAKOUT: Analogs of Catastrophe by Daniel Cates
  55. BREAKOUT: Digging Deeper: The Prophets of Old (3) by David Jones
  56. BREAKOUT: Seeing the Bible with Fresh Eyes: Tips for Bible Study by Steve Lloyd
  57. LADIES: The Women at the Cross by Kathy Jones
  58. LADIES: The Canvas of an Impressionable Heart by Teah McWhorter
  59. LADIES: Qualities of a Leader's Wife: 1 Timothy 3:7 by Carlie Bond
  60. LADIES: Living Up To Our Name by Cherie Vestal
  61. LADIES: The Stones Cry Out by Carla Moore
  62. LADIES: Strength and Honor are Her Clothing by Cherie Vestal