Texas Ladies In Christ Retreat

Event Information:
Event: 7th Annual Texas Ladies in Christ Retreat
Theme/Title: Studies in Ruth & Judges
Recorded: 10/2019
Directed by: Various
Ordering Information:

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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Introduction to Ruth by Sandi Smith
  2. Ruth, Chapter 1 by Carlie Bond
  3. Ruth, Chapter 2 by Keely McCary
  4. Ruth, Chapter 3 by Tonne Williamson
  5. Ruth, Chapter 4 by Kristy Huntsman
  6. Overview of Judges by Kathryn Baker
  7. Bible Marking by Erynn Sprouse
  8. Devotional by Kayla Hyde
  9. Devotional by Maggie Arroyo
  10. Devotional by Kerista Cowan
  11. Devotional by Donna Hall