Recordings from: David Brown

  1. Paul's Greeting And Purpose Of Writing; 1986 Denton Lectures: Studies in Galatians
  2. Fellowship With God And One Another; 1987 Denton Lectures: Studies In I, II, III John
  3. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Did Paul know Christ "in the flesh" (i.e., personally, while He was upon the earth)? II Corinthians 5:16; Does "be not unequally yoked with unbelievers" relate to the marriage of a Christian to a non-Christian? II Corinthians 6:14; What was Paul's "thorn in the flesh/messenger of Satan"? II Corinthians 12:7-8; How can "paradise" be used both in reference to heaven itself ("the third heaven") and to the Hadean resting place of the souls of the saints? II Corinthians 12:2-4; Luke 23:43; John 20:17; 1989 Denton Lectures: Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians
  4. Can Providence Involve Material And Temporal Good; 1989 Power Lectures: The Providence of God
  5. Haggai And Zechariah Inspire Resumption Of The Temple Construction; 1992 Denton Lectures: Studies In Ezra, Nehemiah And Esther
  6. Reigns Of Various Kings Of Judah And Israel, Elisha Dies; 1993 Denton Lectures: Studies In I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles
  7. The Allotment Of The Land By The Tribes; 1994 Denton Lectures: Studies In Joshua, Judges And Ruth
  8. Jesus Chooses, Commission Apostles, Extols John; 1995 Denton Lectures: Studies In Matthew
  9. The Universal Flood Of Genesis Defended; 1995 Gulf Coast Lectures: Answering Alleged Contradictions & Problems In The Old Testament
  10. Modernism's Attack On Isaiah; 1995 HCB Lectures: The Book Of Isaiah - Part I
  11. How The Holy Spirit Dwells In The Christian - He Does So Respectively Through The Word Of God Alone; 1996 Denton Lectures: Studies In The Book Of Romans
  12. The Max King Doctrine; 1996 Gulf Coast Lectures: Lively Issues On The Home And The Church
  13. Israel's Comfort, Her Incomparable God; 1996 HCB Lectures: The Book Of Isaiah - Part II
  14. Condemnation And Righteousness; 1996 Power Lectures: The Two Covenants
  15. DISCUSSION FORUM: Who Are and What Is the Church?; 16th Annual Denton Lectures: Studies In Ephesians
  16. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Since the New Testament does not explicitly forbid the use of mechanical instruments and various forms of "special music" in our worship, are they, along with congregational singing, acceptable to God? Ephesians 5:19; Since Christians are to subject themselves to one another, does this mean that elderships have no authority over their respective congregations (i.e., they can only "rule" by example)? Ephesians 5:21; Since Paul condemned the abuse of slavery, rather than slavery itself, was it acceptable to God as an institution? Ephesians 6:5-9; Is every Christian, like Paul, an "ambassador" of Christ? Ephesians 6:20; 16th Annual Denton Lectures: Studies In Ephesians
  17. A Study Of Matthew 24; 1997 HCB Lectures: Premillennialism
  18. Hedonism; 1997 Power Lectures: Dangerous Ism's
  19. The Lord's Coming And Its Accompaniments; 1998 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
  20. Calvinism and the Foreknowledge of God; 1998 Houston College of the Bible Lectures: Calvinism
  21. How the Holy Spirit Words Today; 1998 Lubbock Lectures: The Faith Once For All Delivered
  22. Operation of the Holy Spirit In the Life of a Christian; 1998 Power Lectures: The Godhead
  23. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Was the wine Jesus made in His first sign an intoxicating beverage? John 2:1-11; Is selling religious books on church property parallel to money-changing in the temple? John 2:13-17; Does "born of ... the Spirit" refer to baptism in the Holy Spirit, since "born of the water" refers to baptism in water? John 3:5; Is belief (faith) in Christ the only condition imposed on man for eternal life? John 3:16,36; 6:47; et al.; 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  24. Wednesday Forum: Did Moses Write The Pentateuch?; 2nd Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies In Exodus
  25. Wednesday Forum: Did Moses Write The Pentateuch? (Questions from Floor); 2nd Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies In Exodus
  26. Are There Any Good Christians In All The Denominations With Who We Should Fellowship?; 1999 Gulf Coast Lectures: Questions We Must Ask Before It Is Too Late