Recordings from: Don Walker

  1. "...Believe Christians May Fall From Grace?"; 32nd Annual Southwest Lectures: Why Do We... ?
  2. Ezekiel Chap. 47-48: The New Land; 10th Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies in Ezekiel
  3. Alleged Contradictions And Problems In Ezra, Nehemiah And Esther; 1995 Gulf Coast Lectures: Answering Alleged Contradictions & Problems In The Old Testament
  4. Traditional Bible Doctrines Under Attack From Within The Church; 1996 Gulf Coast Lectures: Lively Issues On The Home And The Church
  5. The Rejected Counsel And Blind Watchman Rebuked; 1996 HCB Lectures: The Book Of Isaiah - Part II
  6. Rules For Living The New Life; 16th Annual Denton Lectures: Studies In Ephesians
  7. Is Separation And Divorce Sinful?; 1997 Gulf Coast Lectures: The Wise Home And The Cautious Church
  8. What Does The Bible Teach Concerning The Rapture?; 1997 HCB Lectures: Premillennialism
  9. The Church: The Fulfillment of Prophecy in Daniel; 11th Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies in Daniel
  10. What Abraham and I Have in Common; 29th Annual Southwest Lectures: Proclaiming Christ: Called Unto Salvation
  11. Boldness Amidst Skepticism; 30th Annual Southwest Bible Lectures: Chamioning Christ: Called Unto Conviction
  12. In This Present World; 31st Annual Southwest Lectures: Meeting Christ: Called Unto Heaven
  13. Sound Doctrine and Speech; 33rd Annual Southwest Lectures: Equipping To Serve: Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles
  14. The Christ in the Old Testament; 21st Annual Gulf Coast Lectures: Jesus The Christ
  15. The Controversial Christ; 21st Annual Gulf Coast Lectures: Jesus The Christ
  16. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Whose sins are covered by love (ours or those of another), and who does the covering (God or he who loves his brother)? I Peter 4:8; cf. James 5:20; What is the "judgment" that is to "begin at the house of God," and why does it begin with them? I Peter 4:17a; What is the meaning of the righteous being "scarcely saved," and how is this harmonized with an entrance into Heaven that will be "richly supplied" to faithful saints? I Peter 4:18; II Peter 1:11; To what does the promised perfecting, establishing, and strengthening refer, and how and when would God accomplish these? I Peter 5:10; 1998 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
  17. Encouragement to Pray From Philippians 4:4-6 and I Peter 5:6-7; 1998 Gulf Coast Lectures: Prayer and Providence
  18. The Last State Is Worse Than The First; 1998 Houston College of the Bible Lectures: Calvinism
  19. Hell and Eternal Punishment; 1998 Lubbock Lectures: The Faith Once For All Delivered
  20. The Betrayal, Arrest and Trials of Jesus; 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  21. Difficult Passages; 2nd Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies In Exodus
  22. Malachi; 12th Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies in the Minor Prophets
  23. Prepaing for Eternity; 34th Annual Southwest Lectures: God's Help with Life's Struggles
  24. Ecclesiates 11-12; 13th Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, & Song of Solomon
  25. The Greatest Service: Restoring the Fallen; 1st Annual Arise Workshop: Arise and Serve
  26. Equipped to Serve with Humility; 1st Annual Arise Workshop: Arise and Serve
  27. Psalms 71-72; 14th Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies in the Psalms, Volume 1
  28. On the Mountain: Don't Believe Everything You Hear; 2018 Focal Point: Preacher's Workshop
  29. Digging Deeper: Matthew 24; 2018 Focal Point: Preacher's Workshop
  30. What Are The Vital Differences In The Churches Of Christ And The Jehovah's Witnesses; 1999 Gulf Coast Lectures: Questions We Must Ask Before It Is Too Late