BCS Men's Development Conference

Event Information:
Event: 2nd Annual Young Men's Development Conference
Theme/Title: Developing Iron Men
Recorded: 5/2018
Directed by: Rick Popejoy
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Gospel in Genesis by Melvin Bryant
  2. The Gospel in Revelation by Rick Popejoy
  3. The Gospel in Romans by Richard Massey
  4. The Gospel in Zechariah by Brant Stubblefield
  5. The Gospel in Acts by Omari French
  6. The Gospel in Hebrews by John Hall
  7. The Gospel in Psalms by Jason Rollo
  8. The Gospel in Corinthians by Anthony Flunder
  9. The Gospel in the Gospels by Rick Popejoy
  10. The Gospel in Isaiah by Wade Webster
  11. Textual Criticism, Reliable Translations by Brian Birdow
  12. Accurately Applying Biblical Logic by Jason Rollo
  13. Practically Applying Pure Religion by Wade Webster
  14. Integrity in Inquiry by Michael Light
  15. The Spiritual Significance of Worship by Rick Popejoy
  16. Biblical Boundaries of Women's Role by Kerry Clark
  17. Understanding Generic Bible Authority by Jason Rollo
  18. Nuances in Qualifications for Leadership by Kerry Clark, Anthony Flunder, Rick Popejoy
  19. Evading Immodesty by Bryan Braswell
  20. Avoiding the Appearance of Evil by Bryan Braswell, Joe Caesar, Richard Stevens, Wade Webster
  21. Progressivism in Worship by Anthony Flunder
  22. Percussion and Current Acts of Worship by Kerry Clark, Anthony Flunder, Michael Light, Rick Popejoy, Jason Rollo
  23. Reading & Studying in a Biblical Way by Melvin Bryant
  24. Contending & Defending the Faith by Michael Light
  25. Avoiding Vulgarity by Daniel Garza
  26. Money Management by Joe Caesar
  27. The Lord's Supper by Rick Popejoy
  28. New Testament Giving by Richard Stevens
  29. Strategic Evangelism by Rafael Ramirez
  30. Coordinating Biblical Mission Work by Pius Bwile, John Hall, Kennedy Ngetich, Rafael Ramirez, Wade Webster
  31. Avoidance of Alcohol by Omari French
  32. Contours of Biblical Courting by Bryan Braswell, Kerry Clark, Omari French, Kyle Mangan
  33. Male Spiritual Leadership by Rick Popejoy
  34. Developing Our Sons for Manhood by Joe Caesar, Richard Massey, Rick Popejoy, Israel Rodriguez, Denny Wilson
  35. Defeating Modern Humanism by Jason Rollo
  36. Determining What is Right by Israel Rodriguez
  37. Monitoring Whether a Match is Meet by Denny Wilson
  38. Maintaining a Sound Work Ethic by Joe Caesar
  39. Worship Acts One by One by Anthony Flunder
  40. Developing Excellence in Utterance by Israel Rodriguez
  41. Comfortable with the Covenants by Ryan Smithey
  42. Loving the Laws of God by Kerry Clark, Omari French, John Hall, Ryan Smithey, Denny Wilson
  43. Acquiring Money Without Covetousness by Daniel Garza
  44. Getting Rid of the Gambler by Melvin Bryant, Omari French, Daniel Garza, Rick Popejoy, Jason Rollo
  45. Dangerous Contemporary Trends in Dress by Jason Rollo
  46. Dress for Worship that Displays Reverence by Joe Caesar, Anthony Flunder, Omari French, Rick Popejoy, Jason Rollo
  47. Recap and Presentations by Omari French
  48. Recap and Presentations by Omari French
  49. Recap and Presentations by Omari French, Jason Rollo