Recordings from: Jesse Whitlock

  1. Distribution Of The People In The Land And Dedication Of The Walls; 1992 Denton Lectures: Studies In Ezra, Nehemiah And Esther
  2. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: How can the episode with David and Abishag be explained and/or justified in I Kings 1:1-4? Did Jeroboam or Rehoboam have a choice in what they did in I Kings 11:30-34; 12:12-15? Why did God kill the Judean prophet for believing a lie, but not the old prophet for lying in I Kings 13:1-32? Who was the "lying spirit" who volunteered to deceive Ahab? How is God's use of lies and liars to deceive Ahab reconciled with His perfect moral nature in I Kings 22:19-23?; 1993 Denton Lectures: Studies In I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles
  3. The Latter Exploits Of Samson; 1994 Denton Lectures: Studies In Joshua, Judges And Ruth
  4. Saving Faith Comes Through Hearing The Word Of God; 1996 Denton Lectures: Studies In The Book Of Romans
  5. The Christian's Warfare, Armament And Weapons; 16th Annual Denton Lectures: Studies In Ephesians
  6. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Could God still be giving additional revelation now, since He gave some (namely, 1, 2, and 3 John, Revelation) after Peter and Jude said that "all" had been given? II Peter 1:3; Jude 3; Can the ordinary person read and understand the Bible, or must there be a professional "clergyman" to interpret it for him? II Peter 1:20; Does the "day of the Lord" refer to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70? II Peter 3:10; Will God guard us from stumbling so that we cannot be lost at last? Jude 24; 1998 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
  7. Have No Fellowship; 1st Annual Lubbock Lectures: The Faith Once For All Delivered
  8. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Were no grace and truth revealed through Moses or others before Christ came? John 1:17; Why did Jesus say none have seen God, while Moses and others did? John 1:18; 6:46; Was the wine Jesus instantly made from water intoxicating? John 2:1-10; What does it mean to be "born anew" and "born of water and the Spirit"? John 3:3, 5; 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  9. Difficult Passages; 2nd Annual Schertz Lectures: Studies In Exodus
  10. Miracles, Signs and Wonders; 2nd Annual Lubbock Lectures: Looking Unto Jesus -- The Author & Finisher of Our Faith