Title: DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Did God actually bless Micah because of his idolatrous priest Judges 17:12-13) and did He speak through Micah's priest? Judges 18:5-31; Why did God tell Israel twice to fight against Benjamin and then allow Israel to be slaughtered? Judges 20:18-27; Is it right to accuse God of bringing heartache and misfortune upon us? (Ruth 1:19-20; Did Ruth and Boaz commit fornication when she joined him at his threshing-floor, as liberal (e.g., Andre Resner) alleges in Ruth 3:3-14?

Speaker(s): Robin Haley

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Series: Denton Lectures
Event: 1994 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies In Joshua, Judges And Ruth
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Year Recorded: 1994
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