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The listing of a recording, speaker, or lectureship does not reflect on our approval of everything that speaker or lectureship has done. We certainly will evaluate and remove as necessary any content brought to our attention that does not agree with sound, Biblical teaching. Sadly, we recognize that some of the speakers listed here have strayed from the truth but the lessons they presented are still worthy of study along with your Bible. Also, please note that Tullstar has recorded and preserved these lessons for various congregations, thus any question as to the inclusion of a particular speaker on a lectureship or event should be addressed to the congreation that hosted the event. Finally, regardless of the topic, speaker, or lectureship, we exhort you to study these lessons along with your Bible to prove them to be true (Acts 17:11).

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Throughout the site many things are clickable links to take you to other suggested pages. For instance most names are clickable so that you can see more recordings from that speaker as are lectureship names, titles, etc. Our hope is that the site will be easy to navigate. If you have a problem or find a broken link, please report it so we can work to correct it.


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