Title: ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINE: Was the church established while the Lord was on earth? Matthew 18:17; Do Jesus' warnings about travail and tribulation and "one is taken, and one is left" refer to events on earth during the "rapture"? Matthew 24:8-9, 21, 29, 40-41; Does the Lord give us signs by which we can predict the time of His Second Coming? Matthew 24:4-44; Are we still responsible for executing the Great Commission, since it was originally given to the apostles and they fulfilled it in their lifetimes? Matt. 28:18-20

Speaker(s): Marvin Weir

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Series: Denton Lectures
Event: 1995 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies In Matthew
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Year Recorded: 1995
Filed Under (Topics): Church, Rapture, Second Coming, Book: Matthew
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