Texas Ladies In Christ Retreat

Event Information:
Event: 8th Annual Texas Ladies in Christ Retreat
Theme/Title: Christ in Prophecy
Recorded: 10/2020
Directed by: Various
Ordering Information:

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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Character of Christ in Prophecy by Nikki Burris
  2. Birth of Jesus in Prophecy by Wendy Gibson
  3. Life Events of Jesus in Prophecy by Lisa Puckett
  4. Death of Jesus in Prophecy by Lacy Crowell
  5. Resurrection of Jesus in Prophecy by Evelyn Bonner
  6. Church and Other Events in Prophecy by Leah Hopkins
  7. Devotional 1 by Cyndi Hughes
  8. Devotional 2 by Cheryl McIntosh
  9. Devotional 3 by Ariana Crowell
  10. Devotional 4 by Courtney Westbrook