BCS Men's Development Conference

Event Information:
Event: 5th Annual Men's Development Conference
Theme/Title: Repent & Be Converted
Recorded: 6/2021
Directed by: Jason Rollo
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Need For Conversion (Matt. 13:15; 18:3) by Jeff Rollo
  2. The Cost of Conversion (Luke 14:26, 33; Phil. 3:7-8) by Michael Bonner
  3. Conversion Offered To The Jews (Acts 2:1f; 13:46; Rom. 1:16) by Ronnie Scherffius
  4. Conversion Offered To The Gentiles (Acts 10:1f; Rom. 11:11; Gal. 3:14) by Michael Light
  5. The Conversion of Religious Men (Acts 8-10; 16:13-15) by John Hall
  6. The Conversion of a Non-Religious Man (Acts 16:16-40) by Rick Popejoy
  7. Repent & Be Converted (Acts 3:19) by Bryan Braswell
  8. Conversion & The New Birth (John 3:3f) by Jason Rollo
  9. Jesus Is The Reason Conversion Is Possible (Heb. 2:9-15; 1 John 2:1-2) by Terrance Brownlow-Dindy
  10. Moses' Stature & Character by Joe Caesar
  11. Nehemiah's Passion by Eric Pitcock
  12. Word Studies: Worship (Melvin Bryant) by Melvin Bryant
  13. Contending for the Faith: Anti-ism I by John Hall
  14. Critical Thinking: Developing Our Sons for Manhood by Denny Wilson
  15. Panel Discussion: Biblical Masculinity by Various
  16. Daily Wrap-up & Challenge (Wedensday) by Omari French
  17. Samuel's Attachment to the Word by Anthony Flunder
  18. Nehemiah's Organization by Cody Westbrook
  19. Word Studies: Fellowship by Terrance Brownlow-Dindy
  20. Contending for the Faith: Anti-ism II by John Hall
  21. Critical Thinking: The Process for Developing Leadership by Michael Bonner
  22. Panel Discussion: Biblical Leadership by Various
  23. Daily Wrap-up & Challenge (Thursday) by Omari French
  24. Paul's Commitment by Ronnie Scherffius
  25. Nehemiah's Opposition by Melvin Bryant
  26. Word Studies: Revelation by Cliff Goodwin
  27. Contending for the Faith: Liberalism I by Jason Rollo
  28. Critical Thinking: How to Handle Opposition to the Faith by Rick Popejoy
  29. Panel Discission: Biblical Restoration by Various
  30. Daily Wrap-up & Challenge (Friday) by John Hall
  31. Barnabas' Edification by Cody Westbrook
  32. Nehemiah's Prayers & Practical Application by Rafael Ramirez
  33. Word Studies: Inspiration by Ronnie Scherffius
  34. Contending for the Faith: Liberalism II by Jason Rollo
  35. Critical Thinking: Developing the Church in Edification by Rick Popejoy
  36. Panel Discussion: Biblical Growth by Various
  37. Daily Wrap-up & Challenge (Saturday) by Omari French, John Hall