Lubbock Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 23rd Annual Lubbock Lectures
Theme/Title: A New Heaven and a New Earth: Will Heaven Be On A "New Renovated" Earth?
Recorded: 10/2021
Directed by: Tommy Hicks
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. "A Just God and His Divine Justice" by Ken Ratcliff
  2. "Recycling the Old Heaven on Earth Error" by Tommy Hicks
  3. "The Peaceful Kingdom" (Isa. 11) by Ryan Smithey
  4. "One Hope: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?" by Greg Weston
  5. "If Heaven Will Be on Earth, Are We Singing Error?" by Clint Yarber
  6. "Renovated Earth: A Materialistic Doctrine" by Glenn Hitchcock
  7. "The World to Come" (Heb. 2:5) by Stephen Atnip
  8. "What Does 'the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth' Mean?" (Mt. 5:5) by Terry Hill
  9. "Soul Sleeping and Annihilation of the Lost" by John Grubb
  10. "Where Are the Dead Now?" Hades, Paradise, Tartarus by Tom House
  11. "The City Come Down From Heaven" (Rev. 21:2) by Daniel Stearsman
  12. "Is God Moving to a Consummated Earth?" by Anthony Flunder
  13. "Promoters of the Heaven on Earth Doctrine" by Tom Wacaster
  14. "God Forbids Wresting His Scriptures" (Gal. 1; 2 Pet. 3:16) by Garland Robinson
  15. "The Bible's Teaching about Judgment Day" by James Rogers
  16. "What Makes the Renovated Earth Doctrine Damnable?" by Michael Light
  17. "Our Resurrected Bodies in Eternity?" by Austin Wiggins
  18. "The Bible's Teaching about Hell (Gehenna)" by Larry DeLong
  19. "The Times of Restitution of All Things" (Acts 3:19-21) by Heath Stapleton
  20. "Why Are so Many among Us so Silent?" by Omari French
  21. "Contextual Survey of Isa. 65:17; 66:22; 2 Pet. 3:13; and Rev. 21:1" by Brian Kenyon
  22. "In My Father's House" (Jn. 14:1-4) by Johnie Scaggs
  23. "The Whole Creation Groaneth" (Rom. 8:22) by John Haffner
  24. "Biblical View of the Celestial and the Terrestrial" by John Hall
  25. "New Heavens and a New Earth of 2 Peter 3:10-14" by Jon McCormack
  26. "Scholarship: The Root of the Problem" by Jason Rollo
  27. "Are Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists Right?" by Bill Boyd
  28. "The Bible's Description of the Real Heaven" by Terrance Brownlow-Dindy
  29. Open Forum: Monday by Various
  30. Open Forum: Tuesday by Various
  31. Open Forum: Wednesday by Various