Denton Lectures

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Event: 1987 Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies In I, II, III John
Recorded: 0/1987
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Letter Of John - An Introduction by David White
  2. Eternal Life Is In The Son by Dub McClish
  3. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Is the continuous cleansing of sin "automatic" for those who walk in the light or must each specific sin (private or public) be confessed in I John 1:7? To what does the "last hour" refer in I John 2:18? Who or what is the "anti-Christ" I John 2:18, 22; 4:3; II John 7? What is the "anointing" and if they needed no teaching why did John write this letter to teach them in I John 2:27? by Goebel Music
  4. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINE: A non-condemning conscience is proof that one is in God's favor? I John 3:19-21; If one loves his brethren, this is all that matters? I John 3:23; 4:7-8; People who truly love God have no fear (any kind) of God? I John 4:18 by Steve Gibson
  5. Discerning Spirit Of Truth And Error by Richard Melson
  6. Fellowship With God And One Another by David Brown
  7. Love Not The World by Wendell Winkler
  8. Abide In Him by Ira Y. Rice
  9. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Why did John say "no man has seen God" when some men have (e.g., Jacob, Isaiah, Moses) seen Him in I John 4:12, 20? To what do the witnesses of "water" and "blood" refer to in I John 5:6? Which reading (KJV or ASV) is correct on I John 5:6-7? Do we have eternal life in actuality now in I John 5:11-13? by Burt Groves
  10. Blessings And Implications Of A Loving God by Tom Wacaster
  11. Salutation, Commendation And Salvation by Jack Williams
  12. Love One Another by Jerry Moffitt
  13. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINE: All people will be saved? I John 2:2; 4:14; People continue to have an "anointing" of revelation that teaches them God's will? I John 2:20, 27; A true child of God cannot commit even a single act of sin that will place his soul in jeopardy? I John 3:6, 9; 5:4, 18 by Bill Clayton
  14. Rebuke And Compliment by Dan Carter
  15. Many Anti-Christ Arisen by Curtis A. Cates
  16. Privileges And Responsibilities Of God's Children by Robert Taylor
  17. Love Means Keeping Commandments by Mac Deaver
  18. Prologue Of John by Bert Thompson
  19. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What are the sins "unto death" and "not unto death" in I John 5:16-17? What is meant by "lose not the things which ye have wrought" and "receive a full reward" II John 8? Is the "teaching of Christ" subjective or objective in II John 9? by Tom L. Bright
  20. Assurance Of Abiding In Christ by Owen Cosgrove
  21. Blessed Assurance by B.B. James
  22. The Old And New Covenant by Bill Cline
  23. Dealing With False Teachers by J. Noel Meredith
  24. DISCUSSION FORUM: The Need To "Try The Spirits" by Bill Jackson
  25. DISCUSSION FORUM: Imputed Righteousness by Gary Workman
  26. DISCUSSION FORUM: "The Teaching Of Christ" II John 9, Fellowship And Unity by Alan Highers
  27. DISCUSSION FORUM: Agnosticism by Thomas B. Warren
  28. A Study Of "Truth" by Roy Deaver
  29. A Study Of "Love" by Garland Elkins
  30. Christ, The Answer For Sin by James Meadows
  31. A Greeting And Commendation by Mike Vestal
  32. God Is Love by Darrell Conley
  33. False Teachers And How To Deal With Them by J. Noel Meredith
  34. A Study Of Obedience To God In I, I, III John by Andrew Connally
  35. The Letters Of John - A Summary by Johnny Ramsey