Lubbock Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 2nd Annual Lubbock Lectures
Theme/Title: Looking Unto Jesus -- The Author & Finisher of Our Faith
Recorded: 10/1999
Directed by: Tommy Hicks
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Bible Translations and Versions by Michael Hatcher
  2. Looking Unto Jesus by Gordon Brewer
  3. Is Christ's Church Eccumenical by Lynn Parker
  4. The Bible's Word: Redemption by Terry Hightower
  5. The New Name by Lester Kamp
  6. Jesus Christ, The Son of God by Curtis A. Cates
  7. Contoversy: The Lunenber Letter and the Pious Unimmersed by Mark Lewis
  8. New Testament Applications of Old Testament Principles by David Brown
  9. The Good Confession by David Watson
  10. Did Jesus Really Live On Earth? by Dan Flournoy
  11. The Bible's Word: Justification by Eddie Whitten
  12. The New Commandment by Michael Wyatt
  13. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings by Ronnie Hayes
  14. Controversy: Play On Miss Bertha; Introduction of the Instrument by Tom Wacaster
  15. Figures of Speech Used in the Bible by Noah Hackworth
  16. Preaching Jesus and Him Crucified by Ken Free
  17. Why Does Evil Exist? by Gary Summers
  18. The Bible's Word: Sanctification by Royce Williamson
  19. New Heaven and New Earth by Barry Grider
  20. Jesus Christ: Savior of the World by Ira Y. Rice
  21. Controversy: Digression and the Missionary Society by Marvin Weir
  22. Jesus' Use of Idioms by Joseph Meador
  23. Jesus Loves Me by Neal Abbott
  24. Is Everything in Life Worship? by Don Tarbet
  25. The New Birth/Creature/Man by Michael Hatcher
  26. The Bible's Word: Righteousness by Kevin Rhodes
  27. Jesus Christ: Our High Priest by Monte Evans
  28. Controversy: McGarty-Lipscomb Issue, What is Valid Baptism? by Don Walker
  29. Bible Types and Antitypes by Tommy Hicks
  30. Jesus Provides the Answer by David Harendt
  31. Miracles, Signs and Wonders by Jesse Whitlock
  32. The Bible's Word: Reconciliation by Fred Riley
  33. The Covenant/Testament by Ken Ratcliff
  34. Jesus Christ: The Prophet of God by Johnie Scaggs
  35. Controversy: Changing Times and The Woman Question by Robert Dodson
  36. Open Forum by Various
  37. Open Forum by Various
  38. Open Forum by Various
  39. Open Forum by Various