Mid-West Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1994 Mid-West Lectures
Theme/Title: To Seek and Save the Lost
Recorded: 9/1994
Directed by: Various
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Which Scriptures? The Bible vs. The World Religions by Jack Williams
  2. Three Things Lost - Luke 15 by Toney Smith
  3. The Problem of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage and Evangelism by Bruce Harris
  4. Let No Man Despise Thy Youth by John Barcus
  5. Ethics in Religion by Jim O'Conner
  6. Having a World View in a Local Work by Chuck Northrop
  7. The Discipling Movement - Threat to Evangelism by Don Deffenbaugh
  8. What to Preach in the Mission Field by Perry Cotham
  9. Evangelizing in Latvia by Randy Watson
  10. Evangelizing in Jamacia by Eugene Jenkins
  11. Is the Sword Reliable? Inspriation of the Bible by Dick Sztanyo
  12. Christ's Purpose - Our Purpose by Robert Taylor
  13. Partakers of Their Deeds / Bidding Godspeed to Error in Evangelism by Robert Taylor
  14. Evangelistic Methods by Jay Yeager
  15. Restoring the Joy of Salvation Then Will I Teach by Grady Miller
  16. Evangelizing in India by Frank Faircloth
  17. The Great Commission by Andy Kizer
  18. What About Using Women Translators? by Richard Melson
  19. Lessons on Evangelism from the Apostle Paul by Bill Goring
  20. Preaching the Cross by Michael Wyatt
  21. Excuses! Excuses! - Lessons from Moses by Richard Massey
  22. The Local Congregation's Reponsibility to Mission Work by Don Underwood
  23. Can We Be Evangelistic and Oppose Error? by Ted Thrasher
  24. Seeking Those Who Have Gone Astray by Paul Curless
  25. Beginning a New Work by Charles Coats
  26. Maturing the Harvest by Robin Haley
  27. What is the Gospel? by James Meadows
  28. If Only We Believed It! The Hope of Heaven - The Horror of Hell by Andy Kizer
  29. Teaching the Existence of God in Foreign Fields by Robin Haley
  30. He Lives! The Historicity and Divinity of Christ by Dick Sztanyo
  31. Becoming All Things To All Men by Jim O'Conner
  32. What Is Evangelism? by Terry Mabry