Mid-West Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1993 Mid-West Lectures
Theme/Title: The Christian Family
Recorded: 9/1993
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Being Better Children by Randy Watson
  2. God's Marriage Plan by Bruce Harris
  3. The Christian Family And Drugs by Charles Coats
  4. Having A Successful Marriage by Perry Cotham
  5. Women's Rights And The Christian Family by Toney Smith
  6. Enuice, Lessons For A Christian Wife In A Divided Home by Charles Coats
  7. Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage by Jack Williams
  8. The Marriage Relationship As Seen In The Song Of Solomon by Chuck Northrop
  9. The Christian Husband by Don Defenbaugh
  10. Sexual Immorality by John Barcus
  11. The Breakdown Of Authority And The Christian Family by Robert Taylor
  12. Discipline In The Home by Perry Cotham
  13. What Can The Christian Home Do For The World? by Robert Taylor
  14. Parent And Child Relationships by John Barcus
  15. The Physical Relationship In Marriage by Terry Mabry
  16. The Christian Wife by Richard Melson
  17. Preparing For A Christian Home by Michael Wyatt
  18. The Threat Of Homosexuality by Jay Yeager
  19. The Importance Of Grandparents by Jim O'Conner
  20. Pornography - Destroyer Of Christian Homes by Lewis Hale
  21. The Emphasis Of The Home by Bill Goring
  22. Having A Christian Home In An Ungodly Society by Jay Yeager
  23. God As An Example To All Fathers by Michael Wyatt
  24. Challenging Our Young People by Bruce Harris
  25. Abortion by James Meadows
  26. When Tragedy Strikes Overcoming Problems In The Christian Home by Richard Massey
  27. Immodesty by Ted Thrasher
  28. The Role Of The Church In The Christian Home by Toney Smith
  29. Hannah - An Example Of Motherhood by James Meadows
  30. Man As The Spiritual Head Of The Home by Grady Miller
  31. Evolution And The Christian Home by Richard Melson
  32. Lessons For The Christian Home From The Book Of Proverbs by Robin Haley