Power Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1996 Power Lectures
Theme/Title: The Two Covenants
Recorded: 7/1996
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. An Overview Of Bible Covenants by Edwin Jones
  2. The Value Of The Old Testament by BJ Clarke
  3. Who, What, When, When And Why The Old Covenant by Darrell Beard
  4. Who, What, When, When And Why The New Covenant by Garland Elkins
  5. How Jesus Viewed The Old Covenant by Jim Laws
  6. How Paul Viewed The Law by Bill Bryant
  7. How The Church Handled The Change Old To New Covenant by Paul Sain
  8. God And His Will Revealed In Two Covenants by Glenn Colley
  9. Did Grace Exist In the Old Covenant?; Is New Covenant A Covenant Of Grace And No Law? by Ted Clarke
  10. Abrahamic Promise In Two Covenants by Joseph Meador
  11. Blood Of The Everlasting Covenant by Cliff Lyons
  12. Two Covenants - Two Mediators - Moses And Christ by Gary Colley
  13. The Ark Of The Covenant by Allen Webster
  14. Circumcision In The Covenants by David Jones
  15. Worship In The Two Covenants by Kevin Beard
  16. Are We Under The Ten Commandments by Robert Taylor
  17. Is There A Christian Sabbath Day? by Wayne Cox
  18. Is The New Covenant Only For Christians by Dub McClish
  19. The Allegory Of The Two Covenants by James Boyd
  20. Two Covenants - Two Priests by Harrell Davidson
  21. Consequences Of Covenant Breaking by Wade Webster
  22. Tabernacle Of The Old Covenant by Paul Meacham
  23. Temples Of The Two Covenants by Charles Williams
  24. What Was Nailed To The Cross by Billy Bland
  25. Why The New Covenant A Better Covenant by John Curtis
  26. The Period Between The Testaments by Curtis A. Cates
  27. Condemnation And Righteousness by David Brown
  28. Two Covenants - Two Kingdoms by Paul Kidwell
  29. Was The Thief On The Cross Saved On The Cross Under The New Testament? by Les Bonnett
  30. Is Christ End Of Law - Jews Still Elect Nation by Steve Ellis
  31. Questions On Hebrews 8:13; Luke 16:16 And I Chronicles 16:17 by Bobby Liddell
  32. Types And Antitypes From The Two Covenants by Jim Pharr
  33. Jesus - Links Between The Testaments by Jim Dearman
  34. Covenants And The AD 70 Jerusalem Destruction by Garland Robinson
  35. God Told Jeremiah About Two Covenants by James Watkins
  36. Two Covenants - Two Land Promises by Keith Mosher