Gulf Coast Lectures

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Event: 1997 Gulf Coast Lectures
Theme/Title: The Wise Home And The Cautious Church
Recorded: 5/1997
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Face Of Liberalism In The Conduct And Teachings Of Max Lucado And Rubel Shelly by Curtis A. Cates
  2. Why We Should Withdraw From Those Who Believe In The Personal Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit by Stephen Wiggins
  3. Promise Keepers by Bob Sweeten
  4. More Plain And Central Bible Scriptures Which Makes A Happy Home by Michael Hatcher
  5. Scriptural And Practical Comments On What Some Surveys Show Are Wives' Ten Most Frequent Complaints About Husbands by Michael Mayo
  6. What Does The Bible Teach About Answers TO Prayer, Providence And Daily Grace? by Johnny Morris
  7. Is Separation And Divorce Sinful? by Don Walker
  8. Discipline Of Children - Ideas On Corporal Punishment, Child Abuse And Other Strategies And Concerns by Richard Melson
  9. How Following Christian Principles Make The Home A Wonderful, Happy, Vital Place by John Moore
  10. What Is The Nature Of Christianity, Strict Or Loose? by Tim Ayers
  11. How Is The Gospel The Power Of God Unto Salvation And How Does It Makes Us Complete? by Joe Cox
  12. The Spirit And The Word by Robert Johnson
  13. The Role Of Bible Reading, Prayer, Fasting And Doing Good Works Together And Faithfulness In Producing The Home As God Wants It by Kevin Hahn
  14. A Discussion Of God's Plan For Authority For Husbands, Children, Wives And The Duties Of Each by Michael Wyatt
  15. Scriptural And Practical Commands On What Some Surveys Find Husband's Ten Most Frequent Complaints About Their Wives by Gary Colley
  16. All About Church Discipline And Withdrawal by Bob Berard
  17. Why We Should Not Withdraw From Those With The Representative View Of The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit by Don Tarbet
  18. Common Erroneous Views On Divorce And Remarriage Refuted by Lindell Mitchell
  19. Why The Spirit Works No Longer In Miracles, Non-Informational Leading And Direct Strength by Tom L. Bright
  20. The Top Five Things And More Which Will Yield A Happy Marriage by George Pledger
  21. Scriptural Proof That The Holy Spirit Does Not Work Directly, Spirit On Spirit, On The Human Heart Or Mind by Terry Hightower