Southwest Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 29th Annual Southwest Lectures
Theme/Title: Proclaiming Christ: Called Unto Salvation
Recorded: 4/2010
Directed by: Rick Brumback
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Salvation: A Thing of the Past? by Rick Brumback
  2. Chariot, Stand Still! I Need Salvation! by Wayne Jones
  3. Salvation Has Four Parts by Perry Cotham
  4. Where Is Your Treasure? by Rick Brumback
  5. I Have Heard and I Need to Be Baptized by Darwin Hunter
  6. What Abraham and I Have in Common by Don Walker
  7. Wil You Please Go Save Someone? by Richard Rutledge
  8. I'm Saved, and God Knew It All Along by Patrick Hammack
  9. From Saul to Paul by Bobby Burris
  10. The Power of the Christian Example by Bill Burk
  11. Knowledge and Baptism into Christ by Dave Rogers
  12. If I Had Only One Sermon to Preach by Tom Holland
  13. Can Any Man Forbid Water? by Bill Burk
  14. Phillip, Simon, and the Power of Truth by Kevin Cauley
  15. I Believe in Jesus, Just Not in Organized Religion by Darwin Hunter
  16. All Men Will NOT Be Saved by Clay Bond
  17. Prayer and Salvation by Andy Baker
  18. How to Receive God's Gift by Lynn Blair
  19. Human Wisdom Produced No Conversion by Phil Sanders
  20. Salvation for a Chief Ruler by Tom Holland
  21. Procrastination Produces Lost Souls by Mike Vestal
  22. Dealing With the Guilt of Sin by Phil Sanders
  23. YOUTH: Helping the World Become Christians by Michael Bonner
  24. Am I Ready to Become a Christian? by John Moore
  25. LADIES: Let Me Save Him, He's My Husband by Luann Rogers
  26. A Woman's View of the Cross by Carla Moore