Southwest Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 33rd Annual Southwest Lectures
Theme/Title: Equipping To Serve: Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles
Recorded: 4/2014
Directed by: Sam Willcut
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Approved of God by John Moore
  2. Coping With the End of Our Lives by Maxie Boren
  3. Grace, Love, and Mercy by Rick Popejoy
  4. The Chief of Sinners by Sam Willcut
  5. The Family of God by Earl Edwards
  6. Placing Faith in Our Families by Wayne Jones
  7. Sound Doctrine and Speech by Don Walker
  8. Principles of Growth by Dewayne Bryant
  9. A Modest Life by Al Macias
  10. Dealing With Those Who Shipwreck Their Faith by Jeff Jenkins
  11. "Godliness with Contentment" by Dewayne Bryant
  12. The Great Mystery of Godliness by Jason Jackson
  13. "I Know Whom I Have Believed" by David Shannon
  14. The Inspired Message We Preach by Jason Jackson
  15. Wisdom Concering Wine by Kevin Rhodes
  16. Teaching Others Also by Ferman Carpenter
  17. Dangers of Departing From the Faith by Al Washington
  18. Suffering Persecution by Michael Bonner
  19. The Privilege and Power of Prayer by Brian Kenyon
  20. "This is a Faithful Saying…" by Rick Brumback
  21. Leadership: The Work of Elders by Jay Lockhart
  22. Leadership: How Do Qualifications Prepare Pastors for Shepherding? by Earl Edwards
  23. Leadership: How To Handle Problems in the Leadership by Jay Lockhart
  24. Leadership: The Work of Deacons by John Grubb
  25. Leadership: How Do Qualifications Prepare Deacons for Ministry? by John Grubb
  26. Leadership: How Should Leaders Handle the Work of the Church? by Rick Brumback
  27. Preachers: Preaching from First Timothy by Barry Grider
  28. Preachers: Preaching from Second Timothy by Barry Grider
  29. Preachers: Preaching from Titus by Barry Grider
  30. Preachers: Qualifications of Evangelists by Brian Kenyon
  31. Equipping Song Leaders for Service by Andy Baker
  32. Youth: Flee Youthful Lusts by Mel Hutzler
  33. Youth: Let No Man Despise Thy Youth by Shawn Montandon
  34. Ladies: The Role of Women by Celicia Grider
  35. Ladies: The Wives of Elders by Christa Bryant
  36. Ladies: Wisdom for Widows by Christa Bryant
  37. Ladies: The Role of Women in the Home by Celicia Grider
  38. Ladies: The Wives of Deacons by Carla Moore