Focal Point

Event Information:
Event: 2014 Focal Point
Theme/Title: Preacher's Workshop
Recorded: 5/2014
Directed by: Wayne Jones
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Weighty Words: Truth by David Jones
  2. You're Singing My Sermon: The Gospel Is For All by Owen Findlay
  3. Weighty Words: Unity by Wes McAdams
  4. You're Singing My Sermon: We Shall Assemble On The Mountain by Rick Brumback
  5. "Moore"ning Meditations: Psalm 45 by John Moore
  6. Much Learning Has Made You Mad: The Place of Higher Education In A Preacher's Development by Rick Brumback
  7. Purposed In The Pulpit: Sermon Planning 101 by Sam Willcut
  8. Forum: Discussions On Education by Todd Crayton, John Moore, Neal Pollard
  9. Midday Keynote: Christian, Are You Carnal? Part 1 by Eric Owens
  10. The Seven Deadly Sins Of Preaching by Mike Vestal
  11. Unashamed Workmen: Principles of Biblical Exegesis, Part 1 by Denny Petrillo
  12. Weighty Words: Forgiveness by Eddie Parrish
  13. You're Singing My Sermon: I'll Be A Friend To Jesus by Lennie Reagan
  14. "Moore"ning Meditations: Psalm 91 by Tom Moore
  15. Are All Preachers Really That Weird? by Neal Pollard
  16. Stirring The Embers: Avoid Burnout In Ministry by Eddie Parrish
  17. Forum: Discussions On Sermon Variety by Eddie Parrish, Ryan Smithey, Mike Vestal
  18. Midday Keynote: Christian, Are You Carnal? Part 2 by Eric Owens
  19. No One Wants To Hear The Gospel Anymore, Right? by Lennie Reagan
  20. Unashamed Workmen: Principles of Biblical Exegesis, Part 2 by Denny Petrillo
  21. Weighty Words: Marriage by Greg Dismuke
  22. You're Singing My Sermon: How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts by Eric Owens
  23. "Moore"ning Meditations: Psalm 147 by John Moore
  24. The Preacher's Portrait: Word Studies For The Preacher by Daniel Cates
  25. A Sacred Trust: Preachers Protect Your Wives by Lennie Reagan
  26. Forum: Discussions On Social Media by Michael Bonner, Wes McAdams, Sam Willcut
  27. Midday Keynote: Christian, Are You Carnal? Part 3 by Eric Owens
  28. Navigating Transitions To The Glory of God by Mike Vestal
  29. When It's Just Me and Elijah by David Jones
  30. Weighty Words: Heaven by Neal Pollard
  31. You're Sining My Sermon: How Great Thou Art by Dan Winkler
  32. "Moore"ning Meditations: Psalm 145 by Tom Moore
  33. Ministry Begins At Home: Getting My Family To Heaven by Greg Dismuke
  34. Our Focal Point: Lessons On Ministry From The Life Of Jesus, Part 1 by Dan Winkler
  35. Our Focal Point: Lessons On Ministry From The Life Of Jesus, Part 2 by Dan Winkler
  36. My One Piece Of Advice To Today's Preachers by Various
  37. Youth - Empowered: Decisions That Will Change Your Future by David Jones
  38. Youth - Priceless: Determining Your True Value by Greg Dismuke
  39. Youth - Useful: Finding Your Place In This World by Daniel Cates
  40. Youth Workers - In Touch And Online: What Youth Workers Should Know About Social Media by Wes McAdams
  41. Youth Workers - Substance Over Style: Educate Me Rather Than Entertain Me by Shawn Montandon
  42. Youth Workers - Faith That Endures: Entrusted With The Future by Neal Pollard
  43. Elders - Shepherding In A Postmodern World by Mike Vestal
  44. Elders - The Elder's Portrait: Word Studies For Elders by Denny Petrillo
  45. Elders - A Sacred Trust: Elders Protect Your Preachers by Eddie Parrish
  46. Ladies - Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Imploring Euodia and Syntyche by Carla Moore
  47. Ladies - Be Anxious For Nothing: Is That Really Possible? by Nicci Leonard
  48. Ladies - Safeguarding Your Marriage Against All Enemies by Vanessa Owens
  49. Ladies - Bible Marking, Part 1 by Kathy Pollard
  50. Ladies - Bible Marking, Part 2 by Kathy Pollard
  51. Ladies - The Women of Judges And What We Can Learn by Nicci Leonard
  52. Ladies - The Kind Of Men I Want My Daughters To Marry by Vanessa Owens
  53. Ladies - The Kind Of Women I Want My Sons To Marry by Kathy Pollard
  54. Ladies - Five Things Every Preacher's Wife Should Know by Carla Moore