East Tennessee School of Preaching Lectureship

Event Information:
Event: 1998 East Tennessee School of Preaching Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies in the Book of Leviticus
Recorded: 0/1998
Directed by:
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Introduction To Leviticus by David Lipe
  2. Overview Of Sacrificial System by Edwin Jones
  3. Burnt Offerings by Bill Nicks
  4. Fear Mother and Father by David Powell
  5. Priesthood Principles by Tom Nichols
  6. Meal Offerings by Gary Summers
  7. Peace Offerings by Ben Flatt
  8. Sin Offering by David Vaughn
  9. Trespass Offering by Terry Wheeler
  10. The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons by Charles Brown
  11. Clean and Unclean Animals by H.A. "Buster" Dobbs
  12. Purification of Women by Anthoy Hixon
  13. Strange Fire by Tom Holland
  14. Priesthood Principles by Tom Holland
  15. Leprosy by Mark Aites
  16. Uncleanness by Richard Melson
  17. The Day of Atonement by Robert Taylor
  18. The Place and Prohibition by William Woodson
  19. Purity by Jim Laws
  20. Regulations and Restrictions by Lonnie Smith
  21. Preventions and Protection by Bobby Duncan
  22. Holy, Holy, Holy by Wendell Winkler
  23. Priesthood Principles by Tom Holland
  24. The Set Feasts by Jerry Jenkins
  25. Keeping Order by Kenneth Randolph
  26. The Sabbath For The Lord by Gene Stilwell
  27. The Year of Jubilee by Charles Box
  28. Reward of Obedience by E. Claude Gardner
  29. Retribution For Disobedience by James Meadows
  30. Vows and Tithes by Tim Nichols
  31. Jehovah Speaks by Clayton Winters
  32. Atonement - Monday by James Rogers
  33. Atonement - Tuesday by James Rogers
  34. Atonement - Wednesday by James Rogers
  35. Types and Shadows - Monday by David Pharr
  36. Types and Shadows - Tuesday by David Pharr
  37. Types and Shadows - Wednesday by David Pharr