Houston College of the Bible Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1998 Houston College of the Bible Lectures
Theme/Title: Calvinism
Recorded: 0/1998
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Calvinism and the Bible by Ira Y. Rice
  2. Calvinism and the Foreknowledge of God by David Brown
  3. The Second Working of Grace and Illumination of the Holy Spirit by Lynn Parker
  4. Calvinism and the Providence of God by Bob Berard
  5. The Holy Spirit Converts One To Christ By The Word of God by Michael Hatcher
  6. Calvinism and the Will of Man by Tom Moore
  7. Are Grace and Works Mutually Exclusive? by Kerry Clark
  8. Total Hereditary Depravity by BJ Clarke
  9. Regeneration by Tommy Hicks
  10. Unconditional Election by Marvin Weir
  11. Irresistable Grace by Bob Sweeten
  12. Reconciliation by Darrell Conley
  13. The Holy Spirit Convicts One of Sin by the Word of God by Tyler Young
  14. Foreordination and Predestination by Lynn Blair
  15. Redemption by Tom Wacaster
  16. Sonship by Eddie Whitten
  17. The Last State Is Worse Than The First by Don Walker
  18. Perseverance of the Saints by Tom Wacaster
  19. Calvinism and the Holy Spirit by Noah Hackworth
  20. The Holy Spirit Sanctifies the Christian by the Word of God by Michael Light
  21. Are Love and Law Mutually Exclusive? by Lindell Mitchell
  22. Salvation By Faith Only by David Baker
  23. The Sovereignty of God by Gary Summers
  24. Can One Lose His Faith and Deny the Gospel? by Carl Garner
  25. Prayer by Pat McIntosh
  26. Are Grace and Law Mutally Exclusive? by Roddy Covington
  27. Limited Atonement by Keith Mosher
  28. When Does the Christian Possess Eternal Life by Jim Boyd
  29. The Man To Whom God Will Not Reckon Sin by Dub McClish