BCS Men's Development Conference

Event Information:
Event: 1st Annual Young Men's Development Conference
Theme/Title: Quit Ye Like Men
Recorded: 3/2017
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. "Quit Ye Like Men" - Purpose & Theme by Omari French
  2. The Impact of the Cross on a Young Life by Omari French
  3. The Power in the Gospel by Brant Stubblefield
  4. Cross Ties and Cross References: The Redemptive Plan of God by Rick Popejoy
  5. Moral Development for Young Men by Israel Rodriguez
  6. Counting the Cost of Discipleship by Richard Massey
  7. The Purchased Promise by Michael Light
  8. Psychology of True Evangelism by Joshua Rodriguez
  9. Blood Bought Basis of Biblical Evangelism by John Hall
  10. Converting through Conforming to His Death by Michael Bonner
  11. The Role of the Fear of the Lord for all Instruction by Kerry Clark
  12. The Vesture of Victory by BJ Clarke
  13. The Cross to Bear by Carl McCann
  14. Biblical Growth - Biblically Defined by Rick Brumback
  15. Elimination of Childish Things by Wade Webster
  16. Structural Tools: Basic Hermeneutics - Importance of the Right Division of Scripture by Rick Popejoy
  17. Structural Tools: Basic Homiletics - How to Put Together an Effective Bible Study/Sermon by Richard Massey
  18. Structural Tools: Basic Christian Apologetics Approach in the Contemporary Setting by Dean Meadows
  19. Structural Tools: Exegesis vs. Eisegesis in Present-Day Spiritual Warfare by Brant Stubblefield
  20. Structural Tools: The Use of Language and Christian Rhetoric in Defending the Faith by Israel Rodriguez
  21. Structural Tools: Propositions & Syllogism - Proving All Things by Jason Rollo
  22. Worship Skills: The Contours of Biblical Song Leading - How to Effectively Lead by John Weigand
  23. Worship Skills: Teach Us How To Pray - Development of Edifying Prayers by Michael Bonner
  24. Worship Skills: Learning to Lay By in Store - Pleasing God through New Testament Giving by Omari French
  25. Worship Skills: Mindset of Mourning - Recalling Calvary & Partaking in a Worthy Manner by Richard Stevens
  26. Worship Skills: Proclaiming the Power - What to Look for in Every Sermon: the "IT" by Loyial Williams
  27. Worship Skills: Acceptable Sacrifices - Decently and In Order by Cody Westbrook
  28. Sound Lifestyles: Avoiding Female Immodesty - Not Uncovering Nakedness & Celibacy by Jason Rollo
  29. Sound Lifestyles: Proper Presentation and Decorum for Men in Worship by Brant Stubblefield
  30. Sound Lifestyles: Social Drinking - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Pressure by Melvin Bryant
  31. Sound Lifestyles: Evil Communications and Peer Pressure by Michael Bonner
  32. Sound Lifestyles: The Necessity of Spiritual Male Headship by BJ Clarke
  33. Sound Lifestyles: Mentoring Activities - Discussions on Design by Dinc McDonald
  34. Sound Doctrine: Evidences of God - Proof of the Divine by Rick Brumback
  35. Sound Doctine: The Biblical Sanctity of Marriage - A Case Study on MDR by Michael Light
  36. Sound Doctrine: The Dwelling of the Holy Spirit - What Does the Bible Mean? by Joshua Rodriguez
  37. Sound Doctrine: Spiritual Selection of Spouses - "Only In The Lord" by Richard Stevens
  38. Sound Doctrine: Biblical Withdrawl and Avoidance - "Avoiding Company" by Joe Caesar