Discipleship University

Event Information:
Event: 2017 Discipleship University
Theme/Title: Exiles: Holy Faith in a Hostile World
Recorded: 8/2017
Directed by: Jacob Rutledge
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Exiles Call by Chris McCurley
  2. The Exiles Conduct by Chris McCurley
  3. The Exiles Commission by Chris McCurley
  4. Disciple You by Jacob Rutledge
  5. BOYS: Pornography and the Idolatry of Lust by Clint Brown
  6. GIRLS: Social Media and the Idolatry of Self by Jennifer O'Banon
  7. The Exiles Road Map: Scripture by Jason Rollo
  8. Sobriety: A Clear Head For A Holy Calling by Jordan Moore
  9. The Burdens We Bear: Stress by Justin Guess
  10. GIRLS: Ancient Exiles: Esther by Lena Groda
  11. BOYS: Ancient Exiles: Joseph by Trent Kennedy
  12. Gaming and the Idolatry of Entertainment, 1 by Sam Dilbeck
  13. The Exiles Fuel: Worship by Wade Webster
  14. Humility: A Meek Heart In A Mad World by Kris Groda
  15. Ancient Exiles: Daniel by Justin Guess
  16. The Burdens We Bear: Self-Esteem by Raoul Ferris
  17. Gaming and the Idolatry of Entertainment by Sam Dilbeck
  18. The Exiles Destination: Resurrection by Clint Brown
  19. Hope: Expectant Eyes In An Evil World by Wade Webster
  20. Ancient Exiles: Ruth by Al Washington
  21. The Burdens We Bear: Depression/Anxiety by JJ Hendrix
  22. The Exiles Companions: The Church by Jason Rollo
  23. Joy: A Happy Heart In A Hopeless Culture by Kris Groda
  24. Love: A Godly Response To A Hateful World by Patrick Hammack
  25. The Burdens We Bear: Grief by Al Washington
  26. Holy Heads: The Exiles Entertainment Choices by JJ Hendrix
  27. Morning Devo by Steven Aiken
  28. Sunday Youth Class by Jordan Moore
  29. Adult Bible Class by Jacob Rutledge
  30. ADULTS: The Porn Problem: Understanding the Issue by Tyler Young
  31. ADULTS: The Porn Problem: Ministering to Kids Who Are Struggling by Tyler Young
  32. ADULTS: Make Me A Servant: The Pattern of Peach Valley AIM Camp by Jordan Moore
  33. ADULTS: The Forgotten: How To Engage The College Crowd by Trent Kennedy
  34. ADULTS: Balancing Busy: Christian Parenting In A Hectic Culture by Patrick Hammack
  35. ADULTS: Get Out There: Reaching Kids In Our Community by Raoul Ferris