Recordings from: Curtis A. Cates, Sr.

  1. The Book Of Acts - An Introduction; 1985 Denton Lectures: Studies in Acts
  2. Christ, The Promised Seed; 1986 Denton Lectures: Studies in Galatians
  3. Sons Of God, Heirs According To The Promise; 1986 Denton Lectures: Studies in Galatians
  4. Many Anti-Christ Arisen; 1987 Denton Lectures: Studies In I, II, III John
  5. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: How does God "seal" us and what is the "earnest of the Spirit" which He gives? II Corinthians 1:22; 5:5; Is the previous letter to which Paul frequently referred our I Corinthians or some other letter now lost? II Corinthians 2:3, 9; 7:8, 12; 10:9-11; What is the "veil" upon the hearts of the Jews when they read the old covenant? II Corinthians 3:14-16; Does "being absent from the body" and "at home with the Lord" nullify the Hadean realm? II Corinthians 5:8; 1989 Denton Lectures: Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians
  6. Deuteronomy 1 - 2 And The Providence Of God; 1989 Power Lectures: The Providence of God
  7. The Book Of Joel - Introduction; 1990 Power Lectures: The Minor Prophets
  8. DISCUSSION FORUM: Are the "Second Incarnation" And "Pilgrim Church" Concept Scriptural Models For THe Church?; 1992 Denton Lectures: Studies In Ezra, Nehemiah And Esther
  9. DISCUSSION FORUM: The Worship Of God -- Our Way Of God's Way?; 1993 Denton Lectures: Studies In I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles
  10. DISCUSSION FORUM: Is The "Core" Or The "Bull's Eye" Of Christ's Law All That Matters?; 1994 Denton Lectures: Studies In Joshua, Judges And Ruth
  11. DISCUSSION FORUM: Did The Destruction Of Jerusalem In A.D. 70 Constitute The Second Coming Of Christ And The End Of The World, And Have The Resurrection And The Judgment Already Occurred?; 1995 Denton Lectures: Studies In Matthew
  12. The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel - Fact Or Fiction; 1995 Power Lectures: The Major Prophets
  13. Paul's Evangelistic Passion; 1996 Denton Lectures: Studies In The Book Of Romans
  14. The Period Between The Testaments; 1996 Power Lectures: The Two Covenants
  15. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does God Command or Authorize Religious Unity for the Sake of Unity?; 16th Annual Denton Lectures: Studies In Ephesians
  16. The Face Of Liberalism In The Conduct And Teachings Of Max Lucado And Rubel Shelly; 1997 Gulf Coast Lectures: The Wise Home And The Cautious Church
  17. Passages From Daniel Misused By Premillennialists; 1997 HCB Lectures: Premillennialism
  18. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does Deity Strengthen the Christian in Some "Supra-literary," Direct Way?; 1998 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
  19. The Church of Christ; 1st Annual Lubbock Lectures: The Faith Once For All Delivered
  20. The Love, Grace and Mercy of God; 1998 Power Lectures: The Godhead
  21. The Last Supper - Jesus Comforts the Disciples; 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  22. The Word Who Became Flesh; 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  23. Jesus Christ, The Son of God; 2nd Annual Lubbock Lectures: Looking Unto Jesus -- The Author & Finisher of Our Faith