Recordings about: Alcohol

  1. Health Sciences 201: Drink or Drunk? by Michael Light part of the Discipleship University 2012: The Privilege, Pattern, & Pursuit of Holiness
  2. Alcohol by Chuck Northrop part of the 1995 Mid-West Lectures: The Twisted Scriptures
  3. Woe Unto Them That Follow Strong Drink by Rod Rutherford part of the 1995 Power Lectures: The Major Prophets
  4. Because It Enables Me To Confront Alcohol Usage by Bill Goring part of the 1996 Mid-West Lectures: Give Me The Bible
  5. Wisdom Concering Wine by Kevin Rhodes part of the 33rd Annual Southwest Lectures: Equipping To Serve: Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles
  6. Alcoholism by Mark Posey part of the 1997 Power Lectures: Dangerous Ism's
  7. Did Jesus Make Wine? by Robin Haley part of the 1998 Mid-West Lectures: God The Son
  8. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Was the wine Jesus made in His first sign an intoxicating beverage? John 2:1-11; Is selling religious books on church property parallel to money-changing in the temple? John 2:13-17; Does "born of ... the Spirit" refer to baptism in the Holy Spirit, since "born of the water" refers to baptism in water? John 3:5; Is belief (faith) in Christ the only condition imposed on man for eternal life? John 3:16,36; 6:47; et al. by David Brown part of the 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  9. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Were no grace and truth revealed through Moses or others before Christ came? John 1:17; Why did Jesus say none have seen God, while Moses and others did? John 1:18; 6:46; Was the wine Jesus instantly made from water intoxicating? John 2:1-10; What does it mean to be "born anew" and "born of water and the Spirit"? John 3:3, 5 by Jesse Whitlock part of the 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  10. DISCUSSION FORUM: Did Jesus allow or encourage social drinking of intoxicants? John 2:1-11 by Jerry Moffitt part of the 1999 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Book of John
  11. Sound Lifestyles: Social Drinking - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Pressure by Melvin Bryant, II part of the 1st Annual Young Men's Development Conference: Quit Ye Like Men
  12. YOUTH: Give Me 5: 5 Reasons To Avoid Alcohol by Tom Moore part of the 2017 Focal Point: Preacher's Workshop
  13. Avoidance of Alcohol by Omari French part of the 2nd Annual Young Men's Development Conference: Developing Iron Men
  14. Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Josh Moore part of the 5th Annual Back to the Bible Lectures: Moral Issues Facing Our Nation and the Lord's Church