Recordings about: Forgiveness

  1. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINE: "Soul-Sleeping" I Corinthians 15:20, 51: Sanctification, "Second Work of Grace" I Corinthians 1:2; The "Holy Kiss" I Corinthians 16:20; Will False Teachers Be Saved, Though Their Hearers Be Lost? I Corinthians 3:10-15 by J. Noel Meredith part of the 1982 Denton Lectures: Studies in 1 Corinthians
  2. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Is the continuous cleansing of sin "automatic" for those who walk in the light or must each specific sin (private or public) be confessed in I John 1:7? To what does the "last hour" refer in I John 2:18? Who or what is the "anti-Christ" I John 2:18, 22; 4:3; II John 7? What is the "anointing" and if they needed no teaching why did John write this letter to teach them in I John 2:27? by Goebel Music part of the 1987 Denton Lectures: Studies In I, II, III John
  3. The Chief of Sinners by Sam Willcut part of the 33rd Annual Southwest Lectures: Equipping To Serve: Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles
  4. Weighty Words: Forgiveness by Eddie Parrish part of the 2014 Focal Point: Preacher's Workshop
  5. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: Whose sins are covered by love (ours or those of another), and who does the covering (God or he who loves his brother)? I Peter 4:8; cf. James 5:20; What is the "judgment" that is to "begin at the house of God," and why does it begin with them? I Peter 4:17a; What is the meaning of the righteous being "scarcely saved," and how is this harmonized with an entrance into Heaven that will be "richly supplied" to faithful saints? I Peter 4:18; II Peter 1:11; To what does the promised perfecting, establishing, and strengthening refer, and how and when would God accomplish these? I Peter 5:10 by Don Walker part of the 1998 Denton Lectures: Studies in the Books of I, II Peter and Jude
  6. Tell Me The Truth: Will God Really Forgive Me? by Eric Owens part of the 2017 Focal Point: Preacher's Workshop