Denton Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 16th Annual Denton Lectures
Theme/Title: Studies In Ephesians
Recorded: 11/1997
Directed by: Dub McClish
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. The Books Of Ephesians - An Introduction by Tim Nichols
  2. The One Faith by Dub McClish
  3. The Christian's Warfare, Armament And Weapons by Jesse Whitlock
  4. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Does God arbitrarily and unconditionally foreordain individuals to salvation or damnation? Ephesians 1:3-12; Are humans totally depraved, inherently and innately evil? Ephesians 2:3; Are people saved by grace without contributing "one whit" to their salvation? Ephesians 2:5b, 8-9; Could no Gentile be saved during the Mosaical dispensation? Ephesians 2:11-12 by Daniel Denham
  5. Christ, The Remover Of The Jew-Gentile Distinction by Eddie Whitten
  6. The Scriptural Concept Of Foreordination And Predestination by Goebel Music
  7. The Purpose And Duration Of Spiritual Gifts by James Meadows
  8. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Was there a "Pauline" Gospel (for Gentiles) that was different from a "Petrine" Gospel (for Jews)? Ephesians 3:8; Are Christians who have lived since the end of the miraculous age strengthened inwardly by the Holy Spirit in some direct way (in addition to His Word)? Ephesians 3:16; Is the "one body" the "church universal," which encompasses all of the denominations? Ephesians 4:4; Does the "one faith" refer merely to the atonement of Christ? Ephesians 4:5 by Michael Hatcher
  9. Instructions For Parents And Children, Slaves And Masters by Marvin Weir
  10. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: In what sense is every family in Heaven and earth named by God? Ephesians 3:15; How does the Holy Spirit strengthen us with power in the inward man, and what is the "power" that works in us? Ephesians 3:16, 20; What is the meaning of "filled unto all the fullness of God"? Ephesians 3:19; What is the meaning of the statement that Christ "led captivity captive" when He ascended? Ephesians 4:8 by Jackie Stearsman
  11. Wise And Foolish Living Contrasted by Gary Colley
  12. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does God Command or Authorize Religious Unity for the Sake of Unity? by Curtis A. Cates
  13. Paul's Prayer And Praise Of God by Terry Hightower
  14. Christ, The Power Behind The Spiritual Life by Lester Kamp
  15. Christ, In Whom Is Every Spiritual Blessing by Tim Ayers
  16. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: To what does "jesting" refer (is it sinful to tell and laugh at "clean" stories and jokes?)? Ephesians 5:4; Does "unfruitful works of darkness" apply only to the immoral practices of the context or to doctrinal error and false teachers as well? Ephesians 5:11; What is meant "in the Lord"? Ephesians 6:1; To what do the principalities, powers, world rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places refer? Ephesians 6:12; cf. 2:2; 3:10; Colossians 1:16; 2:10 by Tommy Hicks
  17. Christ, The Head Over All Things by Bob Berard
  18. The Old And New Life Contrasted by Noah Hackworth
  19. DISCUSSION FORUM: What Kind of Music Does God Authorize in Worship? by Robert Taylor
  20. God's Eternal Purpose Through Christ And The Church by Garland Elkins
  21. The One Baptism by BJ Clarke
  22. Rules For Living The New Life by Don Walker
  23. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What are the "lower parts of the earth"? Ephesians 4:9; To what does "the unity of the faith" refer? Ephesians 4:13; How can one be angry and not sin? Ephesians 4:26a; What does it mean to "grieve" the Holy Spirit, and how does one do it? Ephesians 4:30 by Carl Garner
  24. Christ, In Whom All Things Are Summed Up by Gene Burgett
  25. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: What are the "heavenly places"? Ephesians 1:3, 20; 2:6; 3:10; 6:12; What does it mean to be "sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise"? Ephesians 1:13; 4:30b; How is the "seal" of the Holy Spirit an "earnest of our inheritance"? Ephesians 1:14; To what do the words "prince of the powers of the air" refer? Ephesians 2:2 by Don Tarbet
  26. DISCUSSION FORUM: Who Are and What Is the Church? by David Brown
  27. Paul's Plea And Plan For Unity by Bobby Liddell
  28. Instructions For Wives And Husbands by John Moore
  29. Light And Darkness Contrasted by Robert Dodson
  30. DIFFICULT PASSAGES: In what sense were the Ephesians "by nature children of wrath"? Ephesians 2:3; Is "faith" in Eph. 2:8 our faith in Christ (subjective) or "the faith" (objective)? How can Paul's statement that the church is built upon the apostles and prophets be reconciled with the declaration that Christ is its foundation? Ephesians 2:19-20; Matthew 16:16, 18; I Corinthians 3:11; In what sense is the wisdom of God made known through the church? Ephesians 3:10 by Lindell Mitchell
  31. Paul, God's Minister Of The Gospel To The Gentiles by Richard Melson
  32. Christ, The Channel Of God's Saving Grace by Ted Clarke
  33. DISCUSSION FORUM: Does Truth Exist? Is Truth Dead? by Gary Summers
  34. ANSWERING FALSE DOCTRINES: Since the New Testament does not explicitly forbid the use of mechanical instruments and various forms of "special music" in our worship, are they, along with congregational singing, acceptable to God? Ephesians 5:19; Since Christians are to subject themselves to one another, does this mean that elderships have no authority over their respective congregations (i.e., they can only "rule" by example)? Ephesians 5:21; Since Paul condemned the abuse of slavery, rather than slavery itself, was it acceptable to God as an institution? Ephesians 6:5-9; Is every Christian, like Paul, an "ambassador" of Christ? Ephesians 6:20 by David Brown
  35. The Book Of Ephesians - A Summary by Darrell Conley