Mid-West Lectures

Event Information:
Event: 1998 Mid-West Lectures
Theme/Title: God The Son
Recorded: 0/1998
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List of Recordings from this event:
  1. Having the Mind of Christ by Tom L. Bright
  2. The Second Coming of Christ by Ron Crosby
  3. The Pre-Existent Christ by Charles Coats
  4. The Life of Christ by Randy Watson
  5. Did Jesus Violate the Mosaic Law? by Daivd Long
  6. The Compassion of Christ by Ted Thrasher
  7. Christ in the Book of Revelation by Jack Williams
  8. On What Day Was Jesus Crucified? by Eugene Jenkins
  9. Christ's Teaching on the Family by Larry Yarber
  10. Christ Is God by Robert Taylor
  11. Christ's Teaching on Heaven by Richard Massey
  12. Jesus As A Teacher by Wayne Brewer
  13. The Authority of Christ by Robert Taylor
  14. Christ's Teaching on Judgment by Terry Mabry
  15. The Mission of Christ by Chuck Northrop
  16. Christ Our Example by Paul Meacham
  17. Christ's Teaching on Salvation by Jay Yeager
  18. The Temptation of Christ by Michael Wyatt
  19. The 'I Am's' of Christ by Michael Hughes
  20. Christ Teaching on Unity by Bill Goring
  21. The Humility of Christ by Richard Massey
  22. Did Jesus Make Wine? by Robin Haley
  23. The Trail of Christ by James Meadows
  24. The Sacrifice of Christ by Toney Smith
  25. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus by Perry Cotham
  26. The Birth of Jesus by Steve Harbinson
  27. Christ's Teaching on the Church by Perry Cotham
  28. Christ's Teaching on Hell by Paul Curless
  29. The Miracles of Jesus by Jim O'Conner
  30. What Does It Mean to "Preach Jesus"? by Michael Wyatt
  31. The Death of Christ by Chuck Northrop
  32. The Resurrection of Christ by James Meadows